Nepal Plane Crash: Final Selfie & FB Live Video Of Victims Are Heartbreaking

by Tooba Shaikh
Nepal Plane Crash: Final Selfie & FB Live Video Of Victims Are Heartbreaking

Disclaimer: The following content is sensitive in nature.

On the 15th of January, a Pokhra-bound flight tragically crashed near Pokhra airport around 5:25 AM (local time: 11:10 AM). There were a total of 72 people on board, out of which 4 were crew members and 68 were passengers. Elena Banduro is the first passenger to be identified as a victim of this tragic misfortune. Chilling videos of the incident have been posted on social media websites of the Nepal plane crash.

Nepal Plane Crash: Final Selfie & FB Live Video of Victims


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The first passenger to be identified among the 68 is a travel blogger from Moscow named Elena Banduro. Her last post on a social media platform, which was a selfie along with the caption “Go to Nepal!”, is now a site on which mourners are now paying respects. The blogger was 33 years old and many have said that she was one of the kindest souls they have known.

Initially, the death toll in this incident was reported to be 38 which has recently been updated to the grim number of 68. This has made the plane crash the deadliest in the past thirty years. Harrowing videos of the event have been shared on social media sites.

In one video, dense smoke is seen erupting from the site of the plane crash while a rescue operation is underway. In another video, the plane, which took off from the Kathmandu airport, is seen hurtling towards the ground, sideways.

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Chilling Video Shared On FB Live

A heartbreaking video shared on Facebook Livestream captures moments before the horrific crash took place. The person who took the video has been identified as a 35-year-old Indian Sonu Jaiswal who was on board along with three of his friends. The video shows moments before the tragedy struck. Jaiswal is seen smiling in the camera as the plane flies over houses.

Suddenly though, the camera starts to shake and passengers are heard yelling. Then a loud bang and a crash are heard and the frame is soon filled with flames before the video comes to an abrupt halt.

Nepal: One Of The Most Dangerous Areas To Fly

Nepal plane crash
Credits: Wikimedia Commons


The topography of Nepal, according to experts is one of the most dangerous in the world to fly. The mountainous region makes for a very dangerous landscape for flyers. The plane was blown to pieces when it crashed and the officials of the rescue operations initially said that it is unlikely that the crash will have any survivors.

This though, later changed and officials said that miraculously, there might be some survivors. Some bodies were charred beyond recognition and were taken to hospitals to be handed over to their relatives. The reason for the plane crash is still unknown. According to the aviation authorities, the aircraft made final contact with the airport from near the Seti Gorge.

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Cover Image Credits: @Elena Banduro/Instagram & Wikimedia Commons