Italy Restaurant Charges ₹1,800 For Slicing Cake In 20 Pieces; Not A Very Happy Birthday!

by Tooba Shaikh
Italy Restaurant Charges ₹1,800 For Slicing Cake In 20 Pieces; Not A Very Happy Birthday!

If you’re a tourist, there is a danger of getting scammed by locals. Many restaurants, cafes, and stalls conduct malpractices like hiking up the price of items when they learn that the buyer is a foreigner. This means that people are forced to pay more than necessary. Recently, something similar happened to a family who went to celebrate a birthday at an Italy restaurant. They were charged over ₹1,800 for simply getting their cakes sliced!

Italy Restaurant Charges ₹1,800 Slicing Birthday Cake

Italy restaurant
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It is a tale as old as time, of restaurants and cafes overcharging their unsuspecting customers. A family recently fell prey to such predatory pricing. They were celebrating a birthday there and asked the restaurant employees to slice the birthday cake into 20 pieces.

Just for this commonplace service, the family was slapped with a charge of €20! This is around ₹1,815. When their bill arrived, they were left in shock as they tried to puzzle over the exorbitant fee. According to an article recently published by Moneycontrol, the bill included this charge.

The name and exact location of the restaurant has not been revealed. However, this is not the first time that people have fallen prey to overpricing by restaurateurs. Many restaurants in many different countries do this malpractice.

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Overcharged For Cutting A Sandwich In Half

Italy restaurant
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The article also talks about an incident where a customer shared her experience of being overcharged at a restaurant in Milan. She stated on a popular travel review platform that her vegetarian sandwich was stuffed with french fries and that she was charged for having it sliced.

The owner defended the move and stated that it was because slicing and services of similar ilk require additional labour. Not just that, it also dirties additional cutlery and washing it also requires extra labour.

However, not many were satisfied with this defence. It would be understandable if the fee went to the employee who did the labour. But that is not the case often.

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