Norwegian Viva Embarks On Its Maiden Journey From Italy, Welcomes Its First Guests Of Europe Leg

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Norwegian Viva Embarks On Its Maiden Journey From Italy, Welcomes Its First Guests Of Europe Leg

The Norwegian Viva set sail on her inaugural trip from Venice (Trieste) on August 11th. It is  the second ship in the Prima Class and the much-anticipated new ship from Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). According to David J. Herrera, president of Norwegian Cruise Line, guests will have the chance to explore Europe this summer on board the company’s newest, magnificent ship, the Norwegian Viva.

Norwegian Viva Embarks On Its Maiden Journey From Italy

The Norwegian Viva set sail for its first nine-day journey through the Mediterranean. With stops in some of Europe’s most incredible seaside locations, such as Cannes along France’s stunning Cote d’Azur; Salerno, off Italy’s picturesque Amalfi Coast; and Ibiza, Spain, in the Balearic Islands, among other outstanding destinations.

The ship will take passengers from Venice (Trieste), Italy, to Lisbon, Portugal. Through November, Norwegian Viva will sail a number of must-do Greek Isles and Mediterranean voyages before coming back to San Juan, Puerto Rico, in December for a Caribbean season.

The award-winning Norwegian Prima’s sister ship, Norwegian Viva, features standout onboard experiences like the Viva Speedway, a three-level racetrack; Indulge Food Hall, an upscale food market with 11 unique eateries; The Drop and Rush, the two fastest slides at sea; and the Metropolitan Bar, an NCL industry-exclusive sustainable cocktail bar.

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Comeback To Europe In May 2024

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The motto of the Norwegian Viva is “Live it Up,” and he has no doubt that its passengers will live it up while sailing to some of the most vibrant destinations in Europe and the Caribbean during the ship’s first voyage.

Norwegian Viva will make a comeback to Europe in May 2024, where its Mediterranean itineraries provide an unrivaled chance to explore the splendor and culture of Europe.

Travelers will spend less time at sea since they spend an average of 10.5 hours in port, giving them more time to explore. The ease and luxury of their world-class travel accommodations and the option to wake up in a new location are all enjoyed by guests as the ship ferries them from one stunning European city to another. Guests only need to unpack once. (As per Travel Trends Today)

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