Belavia Launches Direct Flights To India; Here’s How Belarusians & Indians Can Obtain Visa

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Belavia Launches Direct Flights To India; Here’s How Belarusians & Indians Can Obtain Visa

Finally, Belarusian Airlines Belavia made its first direct trip from Belarus to India. Andrei Rzheussky had earlier announced on Wednesday that the first-ever direct flight would begin on August 12 between Delhi, India, and Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Now Belarusians and Indians can easily explore the two countries without having to tackle long journeys and layovers. Here’s how they can obtain a visa. 

Belavia Launches Direct Flights To India

The first direct flight from Belarus (Belarusian Airlines Belavia) to Delhi landed at the Delhi airport successfully. 

The Belarusian ambassador added that prior to this regular flight service, only a few flights were conducted. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of this flying service for both businesses and tourists.

The flight schedule, which starts on August 11 (local time), begins with a weekly flight leaving on Fridays from Minsk. In exchange, the flight will leave Delhi every Saturday.

The issue has been resolved, according to Igor Cherginets, Director General of Belarusian Airlines Belavia. The issue faced by those who had long desired to explore Indian cuisine and foreign cultures but were unable to commit to a long trip with layovers. (As per Hindustan Times)

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Purchase Ticket, Good Mood And Fly 

Only those Indian citizens who have a valid return ticket from the Minsk Airport or a multiple entry visa or national visa issued by an EU or Schengen Member State are eligible.

Since 2014, people from Belarus (holders of a passport) can apply for an Indian visa online. The Belarusian citizens do not need to complete any paper-based formalities as this is an internet process for applying for an Indian visa.

The eVisa India program, which is officially backed by the Indian government, makes this procedure accessible on this website.

You can purchase an Indian visa from Belarus online, and you can pay using the Belarusian ruble or any of the 135 different currencies, including debit, credit, or PayPal.

You only need to purchase one ticket, be in a good mood, and board the aircraft to travel to India or Belarus. The rest will be taken care of by Belarusian Airlines Belavia. 

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