Good News For Travellers! Indian Railways’ Circular Journey Ticket Is Now Valid For 56 Days

by Shreya Rathod
Good News For Travellers! Indian Railways’ Circular Journey Ticket Is Now Valid For 56 Days

It is common knowledge that a railway ticket only entitles the bearer to travel between two stations or destinations. What if we told you that with just one ticket you may board at eight different stations and ride on eight separate trains? Although not many people are aware of it, it is true. Another unique ticket offered by the railways that cover several stations is the Circular Journey Ticket! And there’s exciting news about it.

Circular Journey Ticket: A Unique Ticket With 56 Days Validity!

circular journey ticket
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In India, trains, specifically passenger trains, are the most preferred way of travelling. However, many of us are not aware of the services provided by the Indian Railways. One of them is a Circular Journey Ticket! This service is typically used by tourists who are on pilgrimages or sightseeing tours. Circular tickets are available for purchase for travel in any class. The ticket counter does not directly sell tickets for circular journeys.

You must do this by submitting your initial application and telling the train staff where you plan to go. The name comes from the fact that passengers who buy it must remember that their journey will always terminate at the starting station. But what about the validity? According to a Tezz Buzz report, the Indian Railways have decided that the validity of the Circular Journey Ticket will be 56 days!

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Other Facts About This Special Ticket

circular journey ticket
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1. You will need to apply for this ticket in advance.
2. This ticket can be purchased in any category.
3. There are no specific rules on the boarding and deboarding stations. Both can be the same or different stations.
4. You cannot directly purchase this ticket at the counter.
5. The ticket covers eight stoppage points in total.
6. Since the cost of each ticket is added to the Circular Journey Ticket, it is a cheaper alternative for people travelling to multiple locations.
7. Like every other railway ticket, this one too offers discounts on prices for senior citizens and women.

So, next time you are taking the train and travelling to multiple places, try applying for a Circular Journey Ticket rather than purchasing a single ticket.

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Also, comment below and tell us if you have already purchased one before.

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