Travelling In Trains At Night? Indian Railways Has New Night Rules For Express Trains & Passengers

by Shreya Ghosh
Travelling In Trains At Night? Indian Railways Has New Night Rules For Express Trains & Passengers

Many of us travel to different Indian cities and states on trains covering long distances. While travelling to someplace that is hundreds and thousands of kilometres away, we often end up spending an entire night or even two on the train. Do you know that there are some specific rules by the Indian Railways for definite services and all the passengers travelling at night?

Why Did The Indian Railways Enforce Rules For Night-Time Journeys?

Indian Railways
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The way of facilities and services all throughout the day is a bit different in comparison to the night time. Indian Railways previously had a set of such rules for passengers travelling on a train during the night. Now, these regulations have been updated so that everyone can experience the utmost comfort en route and also enjoy a smooth experience. The latest rules focus on the passengers being able to enjoy a good sleep on the journey. Also, these changes are applicable to express trains such as Rajdhani Express, Vande Bharat Express, and a lot more, according to a report by Zee Business.

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Take A Note Of These Updated Rules While Travelling At Night!

Indian Railways
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  • No travellers should talk loudly inside the train after 10 PM. Avoiding loud voices helps in creating a better ambience in between a long journey.
  • TTE does not have permission to go to the passengers and check their train tickets once the clock strikes 10 PM.
  • Passengers with middle berth tickets need to open their seats to fall asleep. During the night time, they can open their seats. And travellers on the lower berth cannot object to this.
  • No one can simply switch on any light during the night. They can only switch on the night lights.
  • There are different facilities using which passengers can place food orders online. People can order their food at night or any point of the day but the delivery services are not allowed to deliver food to travellers on board after 10 PM.

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It is important to follow all these rules by Indian Railways to enjoy a convenient journey. Following regulations properly allow all the passengers on board to experience a smooth train ride.

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