What Is A Circular Journey Ticket That Allows You To Travel 3-4 Times On The Same Ticket?

by Shreya Ghosh
What Is A Circular Journey Ticket That Allows You To Travel 3-4 Times On The Same Ticket?

It seems unbelievable to hear that Indian Railways passengers can travel to different stations on several trains using just one train ticket but in reality, it is factual. There are some specific criteria to follow after which people can travel on a definite number of journeys. Passengers need a Circular Journey Ticket to enjoy this special journey. If you are wondering how to avail of it, here are all the necessary details about it.

What Do You Mean By Circular Journey Ticket?

Circular Journey Ticket
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This exclusive ticket by Indian Railways allows train passengers to travel to several stations, according to a report by Tezz Buzz. Usually, we use one ticket for one specific journey but now multiple travel journeys can be experienced with just one Circular Journey Ticket. There are no specified train classes to access this. Instead, anyone travelling on any clas on trains can avail of this ticket. But getting our hands on Circular Journey Ticket is not as simple as booking any other ordinary ticket.

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To book tickets, we generally visit a counter and pay a definite amount to book our seats. But the steps are not the same here. In fact, the fare is also determined for more than one journey. Read on to know all about this exclusive ticket.

These Are Some Important Facts You Need To Know:

Circular Journey Ticket
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  • The first step in booking a Circular Journey Ticket is to apply for it beforehand.
  • In fact, the railway officials need to be aware of your journey. So if you are planning to apply for the ticket, make sure that you are letting the officials know about it.
  • The fare of the ticket is decided as two individual journeys. One single journey on the travel route is determined as half of the route. Both single journeys are considered halves here.
  • If you are travelling with a Circular Journey Ticket, your last station of the route is going to be the origin station of the journey.
  • You can simply travel to several specified stations using only one ticket.

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Using this ticket, you can save the entire process of booking tickets for different stations. Instead, you can do it all at once.

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