Its Official! Dubai Ranked The World’s Best Beach Destination

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Its Official! Dubai Ranked The World’s Best Beach Destination

There’s something charming and serene about Dubai beaches- agree? Well, it’s not something we are saying. Dubai’s pristine beaches are a blessing to the residents and now there’s a survey to back this. A survey conducted by UK’s famous website Compare the Market has ranked Dubai as the number one beach destination in the world. Find out why the city was ranked with the best beaches in the world.

What’s In It?

The 2019 City Beach Break Index, conducted by UK price comparison website Compare the Market ranked Dubai as the world’s best beach destination. The survey took many factors into account including:

1. Average accommodation cost
2. Beach attractions
3. Average summer rainfall
4. Average summer daily sunshine hours
5. Instagrammability by number of posts
6. Hashtag posts of the city
7. Safety of the place

And, Dubai scored gold in all the factors. It was also revealed that Dubai beaches received a total of 85,618,865 Instagram posts while Portugal had 8,423,238 posts and was ranked the second top beach destination.

The purpose of the survey was to reveal the world’s best beach destination. “Do you love a good city break but also enjoy relaxing on the beach? There are plenty of incredible cities around the world that are beside the coast and offer everything you could wish for from a beach city break, so combine the best of both.

But which are the best of the best? We had a look at some of the important factors that make for a great holiday experience, and ranked some of the world’s best seaside cities to see where comes out on top,” said the website.

What Else?

Planning to head to the beach this weekend? Here are the top 5 beaches in the emirate:

1. Banana Beach

If you wish to camp under a colourful tent or a chalet on the beach, here’s where you must head. Situated right on the waters of the Palm Jebel Air, the Banan beach is a perfect camping site, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can visit this secret resort for a day with beach access costing AED 100. You can stay overnight, with sleeping tents for two costing from AED350 a night. The chalets cost AED 1000 per night.

2. Kite’s Beach

A favorite spot for families and fitness freaks, Kite’s beach has a lot to offer for everyone in your family. Whether its food, services or activities to do, Kite’s beach has a way to engage the big and the small. Play a game of beach volley ball, go surfing, water skiing or choose from other adventurous water sports to add spark to your lazy day.

And if you are not an adventure junkie, spend some quiet time at the beach library, go shopping or treat your taste buds to lip-smacking delicacies from the food trucks. Plus, the beach has a 14km jogging track. So, if you want to jog or walk along the coast, this is your chance!

3. La Mer

The latest addition to the city, La Mer is a haven for foodies. The beach is vibrant and decked with an array of restaurants, which serve every kind of cuisine. Whether its street style burgers, fine dining, or al fresco dining, this beach has it all, that too with a view to die for. Plus you can go swimming and take a shower inside colourful tents which double up as toilets and bath areas.

Although swimming is forbidden on the beach after sunset, you can sit around, enjoy the sound of waves and chill. A trip to this beach in the night will definitely give you a lot of scope for Instagram-Worthy pictures.

4. The Beach, JBR

Stretching from Zero Gravity and extending all the way to the breakwaters near the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, The Beach, JBR is a new favourite among beach lovers. The Beach has it all, from sun, sand and sea to shopping and dining, a cinema, watersports, kids’ and adults’ play areas, a gym and more.

5. Al Mamzar Beach

Pay up a small fee of AED 5 if you want to enjoy in the quiet. The Mamzar beach does not boast a fancy backdrop or happening cafes, but you can jog, swim, eat, roller skate, barbecue or simply build sand castles. The beach has over 1,600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees and 6,000 types of plants and foliage surrounding it.