Jodhpur Eatery Sells Kaju Kishmish Sabzi, Rasmalai Sabzi & Gulab Jamun Sabzi; Would You Try It?

by Tooba Shaikh
Jodhpur Eatery Sells Kaju Kishmish Sabzi, Rasmalai Sabzi & Gulab Jamun Sabzi; Would You Try It?

Listen, we understand that the world is filled with diverse groups of people with different kinds of likes and dislikes. We understand that this difference is precisely what makes our world a beautiful and interesting place. However, sometimes, this difference goes too far and we’re unsure if that’s really necessary. Take this eatery for instance, it decided to make some of the most unappetising sounding dishes. A Jodhpur eatery is selling sabzis made from sweet dishes and we’re gagging.

Jodhpur Eatery Sells Sabzis Made From Sweet Dishes

This particular eatery in Jodhpur is selling some of the most bizarre sabzis that you’ve ever heard of. It is selling sabzis made sweet dishes like Kaju Kishmish sabzi, Rasmalai Sabzi, as well as a Gulab Jamun sabzi.

A food blogger took on the gag-worthy task of trying these dishes. To our surprise, he seemed to even enjoy himself. Forgive us if we don’t have the gall to try them. The video was posted on the famous social media platform Facebook. 

It was posted by a food blogger couple who have taken the name “Sadi Gaddi.” During the video, the food blogger explains how the sabzis are doused in desi ghee and have been cooked in rabri. He is even seen relishing the sabzis with chow!

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Shandar Sweet Home In Jodhpur

Jodhpur eatery
Image Credits: Sadi Gaddi/Facebook

The eatery in question is named Shandar Sweet Home and is located in Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The owner of the eatery is also featured in the video. According to the owner, the eatery is very old as he is the third-generation owner of the restaurant.

It was established in the area by the current owner’s grandfather. The three sabzis were served along with rotis. It was also mentioned that one of the unique things about the place, apart from the sabzis made from sweet dishes, is that the weight of each dish is also mentioned on the menu. This seems like a plus point for the place.

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Would you ever try these sabzis if given a chance? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: Sadi Gaddi/Facebook