Jodhpur-Sabarmati Vande Bharat Express To Be Inaugurated On July 7.Check All The Details Here

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Jodhpur-Sabarmati Vande Bharat Express To Be Inaugurated On July 7.Check All The Details Here

Another Vande Bharat Express train is all set to make a grand entry. The new Jodhpur-Sabarmati Vande Bharat Express will be both Rajasthan’s and Gujarat’s second. On July 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to inaugurate the second semi-high-speed train for the western state. Given that it will take six hours and ten minutes to travel from Rajasthan to Gujarat, it will improve connectivity between those two states.

Jodhpur-Sabarmati Vande Bharat Express 

Up until now, the quickest trains took almost eight hours to go between Jodhpur and Sabarmati. PM Modi will officially launch the Vande Bharat train on Friday, and commercial trips will begin on Sunday.

The new train will leave from Jodhpur’s Bhagat ki Kothi station, and it will take 6.5 hours to travel the 446 kilometres to Sabarmati. The train will halt at stops like Falna, Palanpur Junction, Pali Marwar, Abu Road, and Mahesana Junction. Between Jodhpur in Rajasthan and Sabarmati in Gujarat, the train will connect these significant cities and advance their socioeconomic growth. 

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Train Will Run All Week Long Except Sundays

The new Jodhpur-Sabarmati  Vande Bharat Express is scheduled to depart Jodhpur at 6am and arrive in Sabarmati at 12.30pm, covering the entire distance in 6.5 hours. Returning passengers may expect the train to leave Sabarmati at 4:45pm  and arrive in Jodhpur at 10:45pm. 

With the exception of Sundays, the new train will operate seven days a week between Jodhpur and Sabarmati. Executive Class and AC Chair Car are the two types of seating available on the Jodhpur-Sabarmati Vande Bharat Express. The projected ticket price ranges from ₹800 to ₹1,600.

This is Gujarat’s and Rajasthan’s second Vande Bharat. The inaugural Vande Bharat between Ajmer and Delhi was run in April in election-bound Rajasthan. In September 2022, the first Vande Bharat for Gujarat, India’s third semi-high speed, was launched.

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