Just Weeks Into Its 9-Month Voyage, Ultimate World Cruise Flooded, Wine Shortage And More

According to videos uploaded on TikTok, Royal Caribbean International’s Ultimate World Cruise has seen signs of flooding and drinks shortage already.

by Tashika Tyagi
Just Weeks Into Its 9-Month Voyage, Ultimate World Cruise Flooded, Wine Shortage And More

When you spend tons of money on a holiday and plan every detail to make it an unforgettable experience, snags like flooding can surely sour your mood. And as per the news on the 9-month-long Ultimate World Cruise, the passengers must surely be feeling something like that! As per a video uploaded on TikTok, the cruise that set sail a few weeks back has been flooded and faced a few other glitches already. Keep scrolling to know more.

Viral Video Of Flooding Inside The Cruise, Just 3 Weeks Since Its Started!

The Royal Caribbean International’s Ultimate World Cruise departed from Miami, Florida three weeks ago for its 9 months voyage. Just a few weeks in and the trouble has already begun for this luxurious cruise. As per a video shared by Adita (TikTok/@aditaml2759) on her TikTok account, the cruise is already flooding. You can see one of the decks of the ship flooded with water and also along the carpeted floors. The ship, Serenade of the Seas, overall saw large quantities of water all around.

She captioned her video, “Our first storm of the Ultimate, 60 mph winds, flooding, forward elevators closed until further notice. We’re really swinging now.” The now-viral video has already seen a million views! In some good news though, Adita also uploaded a follow-up video that revealed that the floors were all clean and the carpets all dried up.

Wine Shortage, Covid-Infected Crew & Savage Internet Reaction

flooded cruise
Image Courtesy: screenshot/@aditaml2759

Another TikTok video by a passenger, Nadine, revealed that they had to change her initial room because of the flooding. But wait, there is more drama on this cruise than a regular Indian soap opera! As per the video uploaded by @livingphase2, the cruise is facing a wine shortage, there might be cases of COVID amongst the crew members, and a few couple break-ups on board.

The Ultimate World Cruise cruise trip consists of 274 nights, which will conclude in the USA. Some of the destinations to be covered include Aruba, Barbados, Japan, Italy, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and France. Well, here’s hoping the rest of the trip goes well!

And since the Internet always has something to say, here are some of the best and savage thoughts of people online!

Well, here’s hoping that the rest of the cruise turns out better than this tremulous start!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva & screenshot/@aditaml2759

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