Kamiya Jani Had A Gala Time At One Of The Largest Offshore Casinos | Curly Tales

by Tooba Shaikh
Kamiya Jani Had A Gala Time At One Of The Largest Offshore Casinos | Curly Tales

Goa is commonly known as the party capital of the country. Sure, visiting the beaches and kicking it with a chilled beer in hand is great, but this time, Kamiya Jani visited one of the largest offshore casinos in India and boy did she have fun! The casino is located inside a massive cruise ship and you’ll be blown away by everything it has in store for you. From 24×7 food stations to live performances, Majestic Pride Casino is so much more than just a casino.

Fun Games For Kids And Adults

To ensure that everybody takes advantage of the fun games they house, even the parents, the casino also contains a super fun game zone for children. It has a number of rides and games like air hockey, basketball, etc. So while you’re busy having fun upstairs, your children, too, can have the time of their lives.

It is obvious that after all the fun and high of the game, you would get hungry. Well, you’re in luck because this casino has a 24×7 kitchen and live cooking bars. If you’re feeling fancy and want a multi-cuisine fine dining experience, this casino has it.

But if you’re craving street food like bhurji pav, pizza, etc., you can also enjoy that. Wash the delicious food down with their equally delicious and boozy drinks. Because what is a Goa trip without alcohol? So there is truly something for everyone!

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Kamiya Jani Danced With Lady Luck In Thrilling Casino Games

Kamiya Jani
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These are all the things that the casino offers apart from the games. But the piece de resistance of the ship is still the casino. Our Editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani tried her hand at the games. She came with ₹10,000 and left with ₹25,000! But not everyone has the same luck as Kamiya Jani. 

If the games aren’t enough entertainment for you and you want more, the offshore casino also has an evening full of entertainment, dance and fun times lined up for you!

There are a number of packages to choose from, including a ₹2,000 all-day pass that lets you play games and enjoy free food and drinks for the next 24 hours. So why not try your luck and hand at the thrilling games? 

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What you’re sure to take home are lots of fun memories and a belly full of delicious food and drinks!

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