Kamiya Jani & Kriti Sanon Enjoy A Lazy Sunday Brunch In Mumbai And Here’s What Happened

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kamiya Jani & Kriti Sanon Enjoy A Lazy Sunday Brunch In Mumbai And Here’s What Happened

Kriti Sanon has been in the film industry for almost a decade now. She has done numerous films and made a mark for herself in the industry. She has even been awarded with Best Actress Award at the 69th National Film Awards for her incredible performance in the movie, Mimi. Recently, Kriti Sanon joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this episode of Sunday Brunch to talk about her path to acting as a career, her love for travel especially to beach destinations, the great national film win, upcoming exciting projects, and more. Check out the whole video linked below.

Kriti Sanon Relishes A Lazy Sunday Brunch

Kriti Sanon is always working on Sundays and she said, “I am not aware of days in my life. I am aware of dates.” Looks like, Kriti loves working and keeps having schedules planned out on Sundays as well. She told us her team is not happy with Sunday shoots. Ironically, she savoured Curly Tales’ Sunday Brunch on a Sunday!

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To add to this Sunday madness, Kamiya remarked that she met Kriti at a Sunday marathon, that too early in the morning. In contrast to this, Kriti doesn’t care about doing a single task when she is on her off day. It’s just about resting for her.

She Is A Full-On Punjabi Binge Eater

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We wanted to know about her favourite dishes she likes to savour during her non-working days. She replied that her mother makes the yummiest papdi chaat right from scratch, sometimes even papdis. She enjoys this homemade chaat and eats as much as she wants.

Then she goes on to say that she loves to binge.“I like North Indian food, so I like my Dal Makhani, my Rajma Chawal, and my Butter Chicken. I like all of that.” All we have got to say is same Kriti, same!

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Watch the entire episode to know how Kriti was as a kid and she let us know a lot more about her. She donned another hat by becoming a producer and launched her production house named, Blue Butterfly Films. Her first film as a producer will be ‘Do Patti’ which will star Kajol. Comment down below if you are excited about her producer era.

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