Kriti Sanon Shares Her Love For Travelling, Favourite Destinations & Travel Bucket List With Us

by Shreya Ghosh
Kriti Sanon Shares Her Love For Travelling, Favourite Destinations & Travel Bucket List With Us

Kriti Sanon has been making the headlines every other day recently for all good reasons. From launching her beauty brand to starting her production company to winning the National Film Award for Best Actress, the Bollywood actor is living a dreamy life. With her incredible acting skills, she has established her name in the industry. Recently, she joined our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani for a Sunday Brunch episode and shared so much about her life.

These Beautiful Overseas Destinatinations Are On Kriti Sanon’s Travel Bucket List!

The Heropanti actor shared her love and passion for travelling and exploring the world. On being asked whether she loves to travel, Kriti replied saying, “Yeah, absolutely!”. Talking about her travel experiences of going on vacations around the world, she gave us a sneak peek at her favourite destinations and her bucket list too. She has not been to Greece and Italy yet and both these European countries are not on her travel bucket list. She even shared how she might be visiting Italy very soon. Well, we are excited to see her Italian travel and foodie diaries.

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On being asked about solo travelling, she shared, “Main ja hi nahi sakti (I cannot go on a solo trip). I just feel like it’s so boring. I am not that person. Also, I need company and people around.” Kriti explores new destinations often with her family, friends, or sister. She chooses her travel companions depending on the place she is visiting.

The Mimi Actor Is Truly A Beach Person!

It is evident from the Sunday Brunch episode that she is clearly a beach person. On being asked about her favourite destination, Kriti shared that any place with a beach is her absolutely favourite. “Beach really makes me happy. The sound of water, the sun, the sky, the sand, all of it instantly uplifts my mood”, shared Kriti.

She even talked about her first international trip to Dubai for a Manish Malhotra show.

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Head to the Sunday Brunch episode with Kriti Sanon to know about her travel diaries, food preferences, new beauty brand, new production company, and so much more!

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