Kriti Sanon Goes Skydiving In Dubai & It Looks Super Exciting!

by Anupriya Mishra
Kriti Sanon Goes Skydiving In Dubai & It Looks Super Exciting!

Skydiving is one of the most adventurous sports out there. The feeling of free-falling from the sky (while being safe, of course) is definitely unparalleled! And Kriti Sanon recently partook in this extreme sport in Dubai. In an Instagram Reel shared by her, she is seen jumping off a jet over the Palm Islands. Here is all about her thrilling experience.

Kriti Sanon Takes Skydiving In Dubai


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Kriti Sanon is a Bollywood actress who is known for her work in several hit Bollywood movies, and it seems that this actress also shares a love for extreme sports. And recently, she shared a reel wherein she is seen partaking in a skydiving experience in Dubai. In the video, she is seen admitting that she is feeling butterflies in her stomach, and as she jumps off the jet flying over the Palm Islands, there is a calmness on her face. While she is free-falling, on being asked about how she feels, she is seen admitting that it feels like being a free bird. She undertook this sport with Skydive Dubai, which is known for offering an exemplary experience for folks who wish to experience this feeling of free-falling from the sky.

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What Is Skydive Dubai?


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Talking about Skydive Dubai, the good folks here offer a host of experiences such as Tandem Skydiving and Gyrocopter Flights. As it happens, these folks also offer an indoor skydiving experience, which is in a more stress-free environment and is perfect for children aged five and above. As such, they employ experienced skydivers and have two drop zones – one is the Desert Dropzone and the next is the Palm Dropzone, which was also where Kriti Sanon jumped off. Doesn’t it sound like an absolutely fun-filled experience? Well, if you too wish to feel like a free bird while you dive at the speed of 120 miles per hour, don’t forget to sign up for this experience folks.

So, who’s that bestie that is going to tag along with you for this memorable experience of a lifetime?

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