Kangaroo Hops Through Empty Adelaide Streets Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
Kangaroo Hops Through Empty Adelaide Streets Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

We might often wonder how birds in cages feel like. Well, guess what? We have finally stepped into their cages courtesy the coronavirus lockdown. And while we are nestled in our homes, animals across the world are happily venturing out into human-free streets. From a Nilgai being spotted in Noida to a penguin trotting inside an aquarium its definitely jolly times for animals and nature. Reportedly a kangaroo was spotted hopping through the empty Adelaide streets in Australia amid the lockdown. This has left everyone quite amused.

Picture Credits: flipboard.com

What’s In It?

The South Australian police posted a video of a ‘suspect’, who was ‘donning a grey fur coat’ and ‘hopping around through the heart of the Adelaide Central Business District’. The police informed in good humour that the kangaroo was last seen venturing into the Wet Parklands, this is a prized greenbelt of the capital of South Australian state. The CCTV footage showed the kangaroo narrowly avoiding crashing into a lone car on the road.

A police officer stated that they sometimes spot kangaroos in the suburbs but never in the centre of the city. The city is usually bustling with cars.  But the kangaroo seemed to have a lovely time, hopping as fast it could along the empty streets, which was really amusing for netizens. Across the world, reports have accumulated about wildlife entering commercial and urban areas due to the weeks-long pandemic shutdown.

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What’s More?

Police officers in Adelaide spotted the restless kangaroo around government buildings in the central district and decided to follow its journey virtually. They tracked the urban journey of the hopping kangaroo through their screens and then saw it head back to the surrounding parkland. The video of the hopping kangaroo has got alot attention on social media, where people are quite amused by the kangaroo freely hopping fast along the empty streets. Earlier this month, Chilean authorities caught two cougars in Santiago and wild boars were witnessed trotting through the streets of Israel. While animals are having a gala time outdoors, its time for us to stay indoors and contain the spread of the coronavirus. Some Interesting Animals Are Taking Over The Streets Of Popular Cities During Lockdown