Karnataka Bandh: State-Wide Strike; Take Note Of What’s Open & Close, Transport Services & More

by Shreya Rathod
Karnataka Bandh: State-Wide Strike; Take Note Of What’s Open & Close, Transport Services & More

The state of Karnataka has called a state-wide strike today. In fact, protests will be held across the state. The reason is the release of Cauvery water. During this time, several services will be closed for residents and you need to take note of that. Here are details of available services during the Karnataka bandh.

Karnataka Bandh: Timings & What’s Closed In The State

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The state-wide strike will be held on September 29, that is today, from 6:00 am to 6:pm. Schools and institutions all around the state, with the exception of select districts like Kolar, have announced a holiday in response to the Bandh, though services are likely to be more disrupted in Southern areas.

In addition to this, private taxi services like Ola and Uber will remain closed and private buses and auto rickshaws won’t operate. Businesses around Karnataka, including hotels and restaurants, have decided to not operate today in keeping with the bandh. Food and other non-essential stores in the state, especially in southern Karnataka, including Bengaluru, are expected to remain closed.

On Friday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, there will be an attempt to blockade all significant national roadways, tolls, and locations. The state’s rail and airport operations may be blocked and travellers may encounter inconveniences because private transportation services like cabs are still not allowed on public roads today.

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Also, at the Bangalore International Airport, around 44 flights were cancelled.

Available Services In The State

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Banks across Karnataka won’t be closed today and will be working like usual. As for transport, buses from KSRTC and BMTC will be available and operate as per schedule. Additionally, Bangalore Namma Metro will operate and be available for residents.

Despite today’s bandh, vital services including hospitals, ambulances, and pharmacies will continue to run as usual throughout Karnataka. However, businesses have today announced work-from-home options for staff in response to the state shutdown and interruptions in transit services.

If you are in Bangalore or any other place in Karnataka, please take note of the available services in the state.

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