Karnataka’s Shakti Scheme Benefitted 60 Lakh Women & Boosted Temple Income: Karnataka CM

by Shreya Rathod
Karnataka’s Shakti Scheme Benefitted 60 Lakh Women & Boosted Temple Income: Karnataka CM

After coming to power, the Karnataka government introduced the “Shakti Scheme”. The objective was to enable free travel for women in government-run buses. Recently, the Karnataka CM stated that the income of temples has increased, thanks to the Shakti Scheme.

Karnataka Shakti Scheme Has Increased Income Of Temples

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Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was addressing the Vidhana Soudha Conference Hall’s opening of the ‘Our Monument: Our Heritage, Our Identity, Our Pride’ campaign interaction and digital platform, which was organised by the tourism and archaeology museums and heritage department. He stated that the “Shakti Free Travel” programme for women in Karnataka has enhanced the income of temples.

Further, he added that the state has a lot of room to grow its tourism industry. The Shakti initiative is motivated by the idea that even the impoverished should have access to temples, retreat centres, and eco-tourism destinations. This increased the income of temples and benefited 60 lakh women.

He also claimed that the economy is expanding, and trade and business are producing more jobs. All of these issues were at the heart of the Shakti project, he claimed, noting that the election was not the main reason it was started.

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He claimed that as the state’s tourism industry expands, national pride in its culture will rise and its financial sector will prosper.

Educating About Heritage & Monument Protection

He remarked that no one should ever forget Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s adage that those who are ignorant of history are powerless to influence it. Educating the current generation about history and emphasising the value of heritage and monument protection to future generations is crucial.

He added that history and heritage can be passed down to the next generation if the public works with the government to protect the monuments. The CM commended the businessmen and organisations that have self-motivatedly stepped forward to adopt and protect the monuments.

As special invitees, Prashant Prakash, Chairman of Startup Vision Group, and Kalki Foundation attended the event. Dr. H. K. Patil, the minister of tourism, presided over the event.

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They were joined by the department’s director, V. Ram Prasath Manohar, commissioner, A. Devaraju, and additional chief secretary for tourism, Kapil Mohan.

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