Karnataka Mobile Users Get Emergency Text Alert Messages; Netizens Say, “Sounds Scary”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Karnataka Mobile Users Get Emergency Text Alert Messages; Netizens Say, “Sounds Scary”

It was just another regular day at work in Bengaluru, when my phone started beeping loudly at 11:45 am. Abnormally loudly, leaving me startled. I was just one amongst the scores of mobile users in Karnataka who received emergency text alert messages on their phones. So, why did Karnataka mobile users receive this alarming message and from whom was it sent? Read on to find out.

Karnataka Mobile Get Emergency Text Alert Messages On Phone

A large number of mobile users in Karnataka received alarming messages on their phones. The messages had bore the label, “Emergency Alert: Severe”. A loud beep that absolutely captivated one’s attention came with the message, leaving you with no option but to stop everything you’re doing and pay attention. Close attention.

karnataka emergency messages
Picture Credits: Canva

The message appeared regardless of the application you used. The beeping sound stopped only when one pressed the OK button. A straightforward, no-frills message appeared. It was a sample testing message sent through the Cell Broadcasting System by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India.

It further beckoned mobile users to ignore the message as no action was required from anyone’s end. In fact, this message is sent to users to test the government’s Pan-India Emergency Alert System, implemented by the National Disaster Management Authority. This message system has a telos to provide timely alerts in case of national emergencies like natural disasters, terrorist attacks and others to enhance public safety.

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Netizens Take To X To Share Their Experiences

The notification also came with a timestamp stating the date and time when the emergency alert text message was issued. Many Netizens took to X (formerly Twitter) to lay down their experiences of receiving this unusual text alert message. Here are some of their reactions by folks in Karnataka on X.

Well, the loud beep is enough to startle you, even shock you.

The emergency text alert message by the government seemed to shake up everyone.


Have to admit, it was extremely scary.

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Not once, people got the message twice.

Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre took to X to reveal that the emergency alert testing will be conducted on October 12. People in Karnataka will receive alerts on their phones. However these are only sample messages, so one mustn’t be confused or worried.

Meanwhile, if you are from Karnataka, did you receive these alarming emergency test alert messages on your phone?

Cover Image Courtesy: Sanjana Shenoy and Canva

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