Kartik Aaryan Flies Economy Again! Netizens Wonder If It’s A Promotional Stunt

by Shreya Ghosh
Kartik Aaryan Flies Economy Again! Netizens Wonder If It’s A Promotional Stunt

Kartik Aaryan is all set for his next big release of SatyaPrem Ki Katha on 29 June 2023. He is travelling to different cities in India with his co-star Kiara Advani for promoting their new Bollywood movie. In between all these travel and journeys to different places, the Bollywood actor was seen flying in economy class. Seeing him in economy class was really a huge surprise for the passengers and his fans from all around.

Kartik Aaryan Chooses Economy Once Again!

Video of the Shehzada actor travelling on the flight is getting viral on different social media platforms. You can check out the viral video here.

It seems like he was flying with IndiGo.

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This is not the first time when any Bollywood actor is ditching business class for the economy. Among many celebrities like Kriti Sanon and Vicky Kaushal, Kartik Aaryan also chose to travel in the economy before as well.

According to a report by abp Live, both Kiara and Kartik travelled back to Mumbai and reached the airport at the same time only. But it looks like they did not travel together as the viral of flying in economy class shows only Kartik Aaryan.

Many Internet Users Feel It Is A Promotional Gimmick

Here’s another video of Kartik inside the flight looking for his seat. This video has been shared on YouTube by Six Sigma Films.

Actors travel to so many places and interact with lakhs of their fans and followers before their movie release. These days, production houses take unique steps for promotion purposes. Seeing Kartik Aaryan flying economy has left the Netizens wondering if he is doing this just for publicity. Many are claiming this as a gimmick for his movie promotions.

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On the other hand, his fans come in support of him and praise him for being such down to earth even after being at the pinnacle of his success. Some Netizens are appreciating Kartik for being humble and state that his decision shows his warm nature.

What do you think of Kartik flying in economy class? Is it simply for travel convenience or a great promotional plan?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Shehzada of Bollywood #KartikAaryan (@KartikSjaan)