Khaaye Jo Pathaan! SRK’s Character Pathaan Is A Fruit Lover And Healthy Eater We Can See! 

by Rachna Srivastava
Khaaye Jo Pathaan! SRK’s Character Pathaan Is A Fruit Lover And Healthy Eater We Can See! 

Yes, SRKians it is THE day. Pathaan has released and has also been watched. Now, what a great start to a Wednesday morning! The movie’s explosive opening and resounding pre-booking numbers are a testament to the fact that when it is Shah Rukh Khan coming to the silver screen with a blockbuster after almost 4 years then ‘dhamaka toh hoga hi, patake bhi aayenge’.

Quick Review? It is a through and through masala entertainer. Don’t go finding logic there. The movie is made for the masses to tighten their seat belts, sit back and enjoy. And that it delivers. Logic ka dekh lo bhai, most movies these days make no sense. So, don’t go nitpicking. And, all Khan fans are overjoyed (IYKYK). Deepika Padukone looks like a dream. That Besharam Rang surely suits her. John Abraham looked good for sure, acting-wise, umm. Rehne dete hai! Performances are sufficient and the suave factor is present in every scene of the movie. Siddharth Anand packs a lot of action, style and well-shot moments.

Pathaan Is A Fruit Lover

SRK looks like a dream on screen, and the hot-SRK-bod is something, folks, you are in for a treat. *It got really hot inside the theatre, guys* But what is also a great Pathaan trait is that he is a fruit lover. This, of course, is in addition to being a “soldier” who’s kicking a*s and popping painkillers after that. Again, IYKYK.

There are so many scenes throughout the movie that you will find Pathaan munching on some fruit or the other. A little grape here, a little apple there, biting into the whole apple, or slicing it and munching on real, fresh fruits. I think I even saw a Guava or could be a Green apple.

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Now, if you are gonna look like THAT when you are 57 years old, you gotta eat right! Amirite? 

Pathaan: The Healthy Snacker

A still from Pathaan
Image Courtesy: YRF

SRK doles out diet tips even without realising it. Or was it a conscious thought? We never know. But the fruity side to Pathaan is for you to watch on screens and being a fruit (and SRK) lover it is great fun to see a character opt for healthier snacking.

The movie has many breezy, tongue-in-cheek, fruit-in-hand scenes, and it lends a more humane touch to the character. Oh, he’s also munched on peanuts and cheese, on screen. Probably, he may be on a fruit-and-cheese diet.

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*snacks on guava kept on the desk while writing this*

Have you watched Pathaan yet? If you have, tell us all the food sequences you could spot in the comments section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Yash Raj Films