Kolkata Folks Are Booking Holidays For Pujo! And These Are The Top Destinations!

by Shreya Rathod
Kolkata Folks Are Booking Holidays For Pujo! And These Are The Top Destinations!

Along with tour packages for domestic destinations, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) several overseas trip packages are also receiving a great deal of interest. Vietnam and Egypt excursions are the most popular, among all others. Here’s all about where Kolkata folks want to travel during Pujo.

Top Travel Destinations For Kolkata Folks During Pujo!

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As per Telegraph India, this year, the most sought-after international vacation destinations are Bali, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, and Bhutan. While the nine-day Vietnam travel would cost ₹1.50 lakh per person, the 10-day Egypt trip would cost approximately ₹1.8 lakhs per person. According to Dipankar Manna, an IRCTC representative in Kolkata, this addresses every issue, starting with airline tickets, hotel lodging, and food.

On the other hand, six-day trips to Thailand and Dubai would each cost ₹49,000, ₹85,000. While a trip to Singapore and Malaysia would cost ₹1.04 lakh. Businessman Anup Singha of Salt Lake City and his wife Bhaswati have reserved travel to Egypt beginning on October 30 from Kolkata.

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His wife stated that her husband is involved in their block’s Durga Puja, therefore they cannot even consider leaving Kolkata before Dashami. In fact, they would depart a week after Puja to Egypt. They have been saving and planning for this trip for a while, and if the pandemic hadn’t happened, they would have taken the trip in 2020. She further reveals that they are going to Cairo, Hurghada, and a Nile river trip.

Fellow Bengalis Are Attracted To These Enigmatic Destinations

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IRCTC stated that Bengalis become attracted to the mystifying Egyptian culture and history at a very young age when discussing the causes of this unexpected demand for Egypt and Vietnam. Pyramid and mummy tales are prevalent in Bengali literature. Therefore, since the economy is stable and people have resumed going out frequently after the lockdown, they are selecting Egypt.

On the other hand, due to the growth of the nation’s tourism infrastructure, Vietnam has become incredibly well-known. The nation is less expensive and accommodating to tourists. Good meals and excellent lodgings are available. The place also offers a variety of landscapes. There are mountains and wonderful seashores.

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The nation’s popularity has also been aided by the low cost of travel.

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