Kolkata Says Yes To Revenge Travel Big Time; Visa Applications Reach 85% Of Pre-Pandemic Level

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata Says Yes To Revenge Travel Big Time; Visa Applications Reach 85% Of Pre-Pandemic Level

Kolkatans are super excited to explore and travel to all new international destinations. Visa applications in the city saw a huge increase and the reason behind this is revenge travel. In comparison to the travel diaries of the pre-pandemic times in 2019, the volume of visa applications witnessed a rise of 85 per cent. All countries have opened up their borders and are welcoming foreign travellers in 2022, making it easier for people to explore.

VPS Global Has Shared The Numbers For The Visa Applications

Photo Credits: Canva

VFS Global stated that the number of these post-pandemic applications’ volume has increased by 85 per cent in the year 2022, according to a report by The Times Of India. The most interesting part is that Kolkata has crossed the overall percentage of the growth of the country. The increase witnessed by India from the pre-pandemic times is 80 per cent.

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The demand for travelling abroad has seen an extreme rise in 2022, making the numbers of applications see a rise by 160 per cent in comparison to the year 2021. Prabuddha Sen is the Chief Operating Officer of VFS Global and he shared that the applications from the City of Joy are higher than the entire country, as reported by Outlook India. In comparison to 2019, the applications saw a rise of 80 per cent. And while comforting with 2021, the spike was 140 per cent. The surprising factor here is that the numbers are so high even after so many people not even getting a slot for appointments.

Kolkatans Explored A Lot During Revenge Travel In 2022

Usually, visa applications see a rise during the summer holiday and Durga puja from Kolkata. But last year was a bit different than usual. Prabhuddha Sen talked about how people travelled to so many places all around the year 2022. The demand for exploring foreign places was seen to a huge extent in the autumn season as well, he shared with Outlook India.

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If you are wondering where most Kolkatans travelled in the last year, Prabuddha Sen has shared the deets for that as well. People loved travelling to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Thailand.

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