Korzok- The Highest Civilization Of The World

by Jinal Inamdar
Korzok- The Highest Civilization Of The World

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The ‘mountain lake’ of Ladakh, or lake Tso Moriri is situated at an altitude of 15,000 ft and has a village of its own called the Korzok village, the highest civilization in the world!

What Is It?

Surrounded by purple hills and with a beautiful of backdrop of snow-capped mountains, this Tso Moriri  lake is a must-visit for all those who wish to be one with nature. The lake in itself is mind-numbingly beautiful and the calm and peaceful surroundings would make you want to sit by the lake and gaze all day long.

Lake Tso Moriri
Lake Tso Moriri,Ladakh

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The lake has a neighbouring village called the Korzok village, which lies about 3km away from the lake. The eye-soothing view of the lake makes living at the village a visual-treat. But the USP of this village is that it is the world’s highest permanent village, located at an altitude of 4,572m. The locals here rear livestock and this is their major means of living. Pashmina wool comes from the sheep in this region. Pashmina is the costliest and the most luxurious variety of wool.

The entire village comprises of just 50 houses. It is also home to 35 monks. Considering the height at which this village is, they mainly commute by means of horses or by walking. You won’t spot cars or other vehicles here, unless it belongs to tourists visiting the village.

The field here is the highest agricultural land of the world and the locals here grow barley, oats and vegetables during the summer months. Water for irrigation comes from the glaciers and the agricultural lands are situated near the streams of this river.

Korzok Village
Korzok Village, Ladakh

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The climate of this region is quite cold and dry; there’s snowfall during the winters, but the summers are hot. The best time to visit the Tso Moriri or the village is between the months of May and September. Winter is definitely the worst time to visit, since temperatures here dip to minus 25 degrees!

But despite a lack of electricity at most times and other basic facilities, the locals here are happy and always smiling. I was delighted to meet the ever-happy local kids here, who taught me, no matter what, take life one smile at a time!


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