Ladakhis Celebrate As Ladakh Attains Union Territory Status

by Angel Srivastava
Ladakhis Celebrate As Ladakh Attains Union Territory Status

While Kashmir is still under heavy turmoil regarding the revoking of Article 370, Ladakh is celebrating after it’s long-standing demand of becoming a Union Territory has been fulfilled. After the amendment on Monday, Ladakh has become a Union Territory just like Jammu and Kashmir, only without a legislative assembly.

This long pending demand of the people of the region was celebrated by all the residents. Even the members of both BJP and Congress came out, putting away their differences to celebrate with the people.

According to the people of Ladakh, they always felt overshadowed by Kashmir when it came to development an allocation of resources. So, this is the final opportunity for the state to have their own identity.

Expressing happiness over the decision, a BJP Lok Sabha member from the Jamyang Tsering Namgyal constituency said that Ladakh is not just a piece of land, but a sensitive border area having a strategic importance.

Even the people of Ladakh have taken to the internet to applaud the government to realize their dream of 30 years.

While the vitality of this amendment is still under speculation by people, and activists all across the country, the citizens of Ladakh are extremely happy with the decision to make the state a Union Territory .