Lightning Strikes At The Same Place In Ranchi’s Pithoria Fort! Curse Or Scientific Wonder?

by Shreya Rathod
Lightning Strikes At The Same Place In Ranchi’s Pithoria Fort! Curse Or Scientific Wonder?

History is all about perception and whose point of view are we looking at. While we have studied everything about India’s independence, there was a little chapter from Ranchi’s Pithoria village which never made it to the history books. The story of a king, the 1857 rebellion and a fort which is said to be cursed! The Pithoria Fort played an important role for the locals during the freedom struggle and here’s its story.

Pithoria Fort, Where Lightning Strikes At The Same Place!

Pithoria Fort ranchi
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

Pithoria is a village in the Ranchi district that requires further investigation. The place should be on your travel bucket list if you find mystery stories appealing. This is because the settlement is home to the enigmatic Pithoria Fort, where lightning hits in the same spot each year.

Though Pithoria’s little village may not look very outstanding, it’s vital to remember that appearances can be misleading. King Jagatpal Singh’s fort, also called Pithoria Fort, is located in the village, and the locals are afraid to enter the fort. The structure is more than 200 years old, in poor shape, and has been destroyed by weathering processes in the natural world.

Speaking of nature, the annual lightning strike at this centuries-old fort contributes to its popularity. Every year, lightning strikes gradually deteriorate the structure. Furthermore, according to a local belief, lightning strikes will not stop until the fort is completely demolished.

The fort played a significant role in the independence movement in the past. However, something that King Jagatpal Singh did caused the freedom fighters to lose faith in him, and as a result, the king and his fort were cursed.

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The Story Of The King & 1857 Rebellion

Pithoria Fort ranchi
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

Together with his father, King Jagatpal Singh made Pithoria a significant commerce hub. Pithoria developed into a significant hub in the Chotanagpur area. The subjects were content with the monarch, and the town was growing. At that point, Pithoria was included in the sphere of interest of the British overlords.

The locals in this area found this intolerable, which sparked uprisings. Unfortunately, King Jagatpal Singh chose to support the British rather than the locals. His actions were perceived as a betrayal towards his people and his Motherland, and this was undoubtedly not well welcomed.

In 1857, the rebellion was nearing its highest point. According to his political inclinations, King Jagatpal Singh aided the British forces in subduing the rebel group led by Thakur Vishwanath Sahdeo.

After being apprehended, the rebel commander was given a hanging death sentence. King Jagatpal Singh was cursed by Thakur Vishwanath Sahdeo before he was hanged, saying that this would be the end of his kingdom and that lightning would strike his cherished fort till it turned to dust.

According to the locals, lightning will undoubtedly strike this fort every year, especially during the monsoon, damaging it even further. Some scientists, however, dispute this assertion, arguing that the fort is more vulnerable to lightning strikes because of its remote location and status as the highest building in the area.

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This fort is a part of his history and needs urgent maintenance, or else none of it will be visible to our children and grandchildren.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Rep Img)

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