Liquor In Gurgram Gets Dearer; Prices Spike 20% As Haryana Launches Bold 2024 Excise Policy!

Explore consumer reactions and industry insights in this dynamic regulatory shift.

by Mallika Khurana
Liquor In Gurgram Gets Dearer; Prices Spike 20% As Haryana Launches Bold 2024 Excise Policy!

In a significant shift in Haryana’s liquor landscape, the state’s new excise policy for 2024-25 has come into effect, resulting in a 20% increase in liquor prices in Gurugram. This policy change, aimed at boosting government revenue, has already stirred the local market and consumer behaviour.

New Excise Policy Rolled Out In Haryana

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As part of the new excise policy, the Haryana government auctioned 162 zones. It encompasses 324 liquor vends across Gurugram’s east and west regions. Utilising e-tenders, this move has fetched a substantial ₹1,756 crore. It marked a 9.4% rise over the reserve price. Despite the price hike, the allure of Gurugram’s liquor vends continues to attract consumers from neighbouring regions such as Delhi and Noida. 

According to Hindustan Times, Vikas Ambawata, a Delhi resident, remarked on the superior variety of brands available in Gurugram, making the extra cost worthwhile. Similarly, Ravi Desai from Vasant Kunj highlighted the superior selection and convenience offered by Gurugram’s high-end liquor shops.

The auction saw enthusiastic participation, with the highest bid reaching ₹50.57 crore for a sale on the prestigious Golf Course Road. The second-highest bid was ₹48.28 crore for a vend at Bristol Chowk. Notably, five of the top ten bids were for vends near the Delhi border. It certainly underscores the strategic importance of these locations. Further auctions are planned, with two zones in the west and 20 in the east set to go under the hammer on June 14.

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Enhanced Flexibility For Bar Owners

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Jitender Dudi, Deputy Commissioner of Excise and Taxation (Gurugram West), expressed optimism about the new policy’s impact on sales, as per Hindustan Times reports. For the first time, consumers can purchase imported liquor at fixed prices, eliminating monopolies and fostering a more competitive market.

The policy introduces significant changes for licenced bar operators. They can now procure liquor from any two of their nearest vends, provided these belong to different licence holders. This flexibility aims to streamline supply chains and enhance convenience for bar operators.

Haryana’s new excise policy represents a bold step towards modernising the state’s liquor trade. It will certainly increase government revenue and enhance consumer choice. The long-term benefits are poised to reshape the liquor landscape in Gurugram and beyond. 

As the policy unfolds, its effects on the market, consumer behaviour, and revenue generation will be closely watched.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva