8 Local Dishes From East India That You Need To Experience Once In Your Life

by Jinal Inamdar
8 Local Dishes From East India That You Need To Experience Once In Your Life

Kolkata’s Macher jhol, Bihar’s Litti Chokhaa or Nagaland’s Zutho, ever since international dishes have made their way to Indian restaurants and cafes, we’ve almost forgotten the taste of these local, authentic dishes. So here are some dishes from East India that you must definitely try once in your life.

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1. Litti Chokhaa

Litti happens to be one of the most popular dishes of Bihar. These are wheat flour dumplings that are stuffed with sattu and are cooked over a grill. It’s known for its smokey taste and eaten with eggplant mash on the side.

बिहार की जबर्दस्त लिट्टी - चोखा थाली ...

2. Khaja

Another tasty snack is Khaja. This 2,000 year old recipe is made just like the Middle Eastern Baklava. Its texture is wafer-like and crispy, but the moment you bite into it, it melts in your mouth.


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3. Dal Peetha

You could say that this Bihar’s version of momos. Dal Peetha is made from rice flour and is stuffed with dal. It is then steamed or fried and served with pickle and some spices.

Daal Pitha, Roasted Tomata Chutney from Jharkhand


1. Khaar

Khaar is a papaya curry to which any meat can be added to suit the taste. The mixture is then filtered through dried banana leaves which gives it a unique and an unexpectedly refreshing flavour. It is usually eaten with rice.

Assamese Khar | tasteTube

2. Pani Humuk

If you are someone who likes to try new and interesting dishes, then this might just be right up your alley. Pani Humuk is made from snails. For this, snails are fished out from fresh water and then cooked in a curry, or tossed with spices and served dry.

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1. Hinkejvu

Nagaland may not have been explored much, but if you get the opportunity to visit this state then do indulge in local food. Hinkejvu is made using arbi patta, cabbage. and mustard leaves. This green curry is a common sight in Nagaland households. It can be eaten with rice or even roti.

Naga Hinkejvu Colocasia Curry/ Arbi Beans Subzi - PepperOnPizza

2. Smoked Pork In Akhuni

Nagaland is also known for its meaty dishes for which pork is a popular choice. The smoked meat is added to Akhuni, which is a byproduct of fermented soya beans.

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Image: Indian Express

3. Zutho

Zutho is a popular beer of Nagaland that is brewed locally. It is made by fermenting rice. The technique is quite similar to the way an idli batter is made. The beer has a whitish froth.

How is the famous rice beer of Nagaland made? - Quora

So next time you visit any of these states in the East of India, do not forget to try these dishes. Until then, stay safe, head out responsibly!