Local Transports Around The World You Can’t Miss Travelling In

by Anindya and Chandani
Local Transports Around The World You Can’t Miss Travelling In

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What better way to truly experience a place than by commuting with the locals, the way the locals do? Check out some of the coolest local transports you can use on your next trip.

1. Local Trains, Mumbai

Okay, let’s rule out the obvious first. If you want to experience the true spirit of Mumbai you can’t miss out on travelling by a local train. As you cling on for your life, amidst maddening, sweat-laden crowds, you begin to feel the ever-racing pulse of the city and its dwellers.

Local trains, Mumbai
Local trains, Mumbai

2. River bus, Bangkok

The world knows how tuks-tuks (or what we call auto rickshaws) are an easy way to commute in the capital city of Thailand. But did you know that you can actually hop on a river bus here? The Chao Phraya River Express makes it super easy to see major attractions like the Grand Palace, Wat Po temple and Khao San road, stopping regularly at piers to drop and pick up passengers. Best part, it’s cheap too!

Local Transports Around The World
River bus, Bangkok

3. Coco Taxi, Cuba

Imagine a semi-open Nano, with three wheels and run by a 75cc moped engine. Sounds weird? Well see these coconut shaped taxis for yourself the next time you’re in Havana. With just two passenger seats, Coco taxis offer a noisy but cheaper rides around the city for travellers on a budget.

Local Transports Around The World
Coco Taxi, Cuba

4. DUKW, London

Think of commuting through London and you imagine being on an open top double-decker red bus just like Joey. But why be so mainstream, when you can explore this city on an amphibious vehicle. I’m not kidding. DUKWs are six wheel amphibian drives that were brought in to London by US military during WWII. And are now used to give city tours to adventure-hungry travellers. Imagine the fun when you drive out of Buckingham Palace and splash straight on to Thames River, without moving an inch from your seat.

Local Transports Around The World
DUKW, London

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5. Jeepney, Phillipines

Another by-product of US Military and WWII, Jeepneys are essentially leftover military jeeps now used by local commuters as a means of transport. Much like Indian trucks, Jeepneys are decorated with vibrant colours and patterns and these pimped-up rides represent a unique side of Filipino art. Another upside, you will always find yourself surrounded by cheerful, super-friendly locals.

Local Transports Around The World
Jeepney, Phillipines

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