Lost Your License Plate In Dubai? Here’s How To Re-Apply, Its Cost, Process & More

A comprehensive guide on replacing a lost license plate in Dubai.

by Deeplata Garde
Lost Your License Plate In Dubai? Here’s How To Re-Apply, Its Cost, Process & More

Losing your license plate in the bustling city of Dubai can be a stressful experience. However, the process of obtaining a replacement is not as tedious as it may seem. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step procedure to follow if your license plate goes missing in Dubai.

Reporting to Dubai Police: The First Crucial Step

Dubai Police Department
Pic Creds: Dubai Police

The first and crucial step when you discover your license plate is missing is to report it to the Dubai Police. Utilize the online platform provided by the authorities to furnish details about your lost plate number. This digital reporting system is designed for efficiency and practicality. It is vital to note that a nominal fee of AED70 is required for this service. Furthermore, ensure you provide a valid and accessible email address to receive prompt communication regarding your report. Also, don’t forget to submit your Emirates ID number. If you believe in applying by visiting the centre, then an additional fee of AED100 is applicable.

Gathering Required Documents: Ensuring a Smooth Application Process

Dubai Tourist
Pic Creds: Dubai International Boat Show

Once you have reported the missing plate to the police, the next step involves gathering the necessary documents required for the replacement process. These documents include your original Emirates ID (for individuals), an official letter from your company written in Arabic (if applicable), the damaged vehicle plates (if any), and the police report confirming the loss of the plates. Organizing these documents beforehand ensures a smooth and efficient application process.

Submitting the Application: A Swift and Convenient Online Process

Pic Creds: Media Library

For a swift and convenient process, it is recommended to submit your application through the RTA website. The online platform offers a user-friendly form that you need to fill out with accurate details. Once the form is complete, proceed to make the necessary payment to initiate the replacement procedure.

Installing the Replacement: Getting Back on the Road Legally

Road Plan
Pic Creds: Twitter

Once the Dubai Police are informed, and your application is successfully processed, you can proceed with obtaining the replacement plate from the RTA Dubai. This step is pivotal in ensuring that you are back on the road legally and promptly. Install the replacement plate securely, following any guidelines or instructions provided by the authorities.

Want to change the design on plate? Here’s All About It!

License plate
Pic Creds: Canva

Fees associated with obtaining a license plate with different design in Dubai vary based on several factors. It includes the type and size of the number plate. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) imposes a fee structure of 35 AED for a short plate, 50 AED for a long plate, and 500 AED for a luxury plate. If you opt for an Expo-branded plate, the fee is 100 AED. It is essential to note that an additional 20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fee is applicable if the total service cost exceeds 50 AED. If you have lost only the back plate, a nominal sticker fee of 10 AED is charged.

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In conclusion, losing a license plate in Dubai need not be a prolonged ordeal. By promptly reporting to the Dubai Police, gathering the required documents, understanding the fee structure, submitting the application through the RTA website, and installing the replacement, you can efficiently navigate the process and resume your journey legally and securely. This comprehensive guide aims to empower individuals facing this situation, providing clarity and guidance throughout the replacement process in Dubai.

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