Longing To Check The Fastest Route Based On Traffic In Dubai? Download This App!

by Deeplata Garde
Longing To Check The Fastest Route Based On Traffic In Dubai? Download This App!

Thankfully, the UAE has one of the strongest worldwide road networks, making it simple to move around the city. Want to know how to go somewhere quickly? Among the most practical apps in Dubai, this new app helps users avoid traffic, collisions, and other issues. The practical navigational tool makes use of user-generated information from motorists and cyclists.

Drive Anywhere In Dubai With Calculated Traffic Time & Routes

The Dubai Police’s “Drive mode” smartphone app can deliver traffic updates and accident information on your normal routes, making it unnecessary for you to check the quickest route to work every morning. With the help of the data, it updates its real-time map with details on traffic, collisions, dangers, and speed traps. Additionally, it provides drivers with the optimum travel routes.

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What Are The Features Of This App?

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Voice alerts, traffic updates, and emergency requests! Get all of these features in one app. Now forget to get late due to traffic and save yourself from accidents.

Simply download the Dubai police app from the Google play store or apple AppStore and enjoy the benefits.
On the location, settings use the drive mode and provide access to the app to help you out. By providing the destination you want to reach to the app, you can save hours stuck in traffic. Become a regular user and save your daily route by specific names on the app.

Similar to google maps, this app will provide you with voice notifications if you run it in the background to guide you.

So forget to worry about reaching your desired destination in time with the help of Drive Mode!

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