6 Luggage Services Providers That Will Take Care Of Your Bags & Send To Your Destination

by Mallika Khurana
6 Luggage Services Providers That Will Take Care Of Your Bags & Send To Your Destination

Picture this: you’re preparing for an exciting journey, be it a dream vacation, a business trip, or a new chapter in a different city. Your excitement is palpable, but there’s one daunting task that stands between you and your adventure: dealing with your luggage. But fear not, for in the world of travel, there exists a band of modern-day wizards ready to conjure away your luggage woes. These 6 extraordinary luggage services are here to make your life easier, your travels smoother, and your dreams more accessible. 

Best Luggage Services Providers

1. The Luggage Shipper

The Luggage Shipper
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Imagine a service that acts as your travel genie, taking you on a journey from the mesmerising landscapes of Kashmir to the enchanting beauty of Kanyakumari without the weight of your baggage. While it’s common for luggage services to offer door-to-door delivery, The Luggage Shipper adds a sprinkle of fairy dust with a wide network across India. Road or air delivery options are akin to choosing between flying on a magic carpet or taking the scenic route. 

2. Avaan Excess

Avaan Excess
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Step into a world where excess baggage becomes a luxury, not a liability. Avaan Excess is a modern-day luxury experience. Their door-to-door baggage delivery is a red carpet service available across more than 25,000 pin codes in India. Whether you prefer to glide on the road for a scenic route or take a quick flight to your destination, Avaan Excess makes it happen. 

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3. LuggageToShip


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Imagine a service that serves as the bridge between the USA and the enchanting land of India. LuggageToShip is more than a service; it’s a portal to seamless international travel. What truly makes LuggageToShip fascinating is its alliance with shipping titans FedEx and DHL. These are your magical carriers, ensuring your belongings are treated with the utmost care. The process is a delightful adventure: sign up, submit your order, and receive shipping documents and instructions like secret scrolls. 

4. Eelway


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Eelway is the true magician of door-to-door luggage delivery. They’ve unlocked the secret to making your travel wishes come true. Eelway doesn’t just negotiate with couriers; they conjure exclusive prices for you. There are no size limits, no need to carry heavy luggage, and no more tussles with long skis or snowboards. It’s a spellbinding solution for making your travel experience light and hassle-free.

5. Shipkar Express

Shipkar Express
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Shipkar Express is like an alchemist that transforms ordinary luggage into pure travel gold. The magic of Shipkar Express lies in its ability to blend technology and logistics seamlessly. It offers an easy and affordable luggage shipping platform for all. It’s like having a travel fairy godmother who finds you the cheapest luggage shipping rates and lets you customise your experience. Imagine transforming suitcases, handbags, duffle bags, backpacks, and even boxes into travel companions, each with its own mystical journey. 

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6. Eurosender


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Eurosender opens the door to a world where your luggage embarks on its own journey, from your doorstep to your destination. It is your gateway to the mystical realm of door-to-door luggage delivery. It offers a secret passage for those with more bags than their airline allows. No more worrying about airline fees; Eurosender has you covered. It’s like having a personal portal to your destiny, ensuring your belongings arrive at your chosen address hassle-free.

In the world of luggage services, these 6 enchanting providers offer unique and captivating solutions to make your travel experience extraordinary. 

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