Major Alert: 76 IndiGo Flights Cancelled Till October 8; Check If Yours Is Cancelled Too

by Shreya Ghosh
Major Alert: 76 IndiGo Flights Cancelled Till October 8; Check If Yours Is Cancelled Too

IndiGo is undoubtedly one of the most preferred airlines by crores of people taking flights in India. A huge footfall of passengers board this airline’s flights each and every day. Soon, a massive number of IndiGo flights to different cities in India are going to be cancelled. Schedules for more than 70 flights taking off within the next few days have seen changes. Read till the end and take a look if your flight is also getting cancelled.

Here’s The Reason Behind The Cancellation Of So Many IndiGo Flights

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A grand air show is being organised in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj to celebrate the occasion of Air Force Day. The massive celebration is all set to take place on October 8 and the esteemed guest list of the event includes President Draupadi Murmu. Though the main show is coming up on October 8, flight services are starting to see changes from October 2 itself, shared officials, according to a report by Business League. The disruptions in regular flight operations can be seen from Prayagraj to different cities across India.

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IndiGo took the decision to cancel 76 flights on its scheduled operations till Sunday. Not just this airline, but Alliance Air also made some changes to its flights. Alliance Air decided to change the timings of the flights and postpone the take-off by an hour.

Which Flights Are Getting Cancelled Due To The Air Show On Air Force Day?

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There have been so many changes and cancellations for all the flights operating from Prayagraj this week. Planes of these routes are cancelled for straight 7 days, as stated in an official release:

  • Prayagraj-Dehradun
  • Prayagraj-Indore
  • Prayagraj-Lucknow
  • Prayagraj-Raipur

Flights from Prayagraj to Bengaluru are cancelled on October 3, 5, and 8. Passengers can catch a flight on this route on October 2, 4, 6, and 7.

This week, the flights from Prayagraj to Bhopal are not operating on October 3, 5, and 7. The rest of the days are operational as usual.

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The sudden and unexpected news of flight cancellations is indeed a major blow for all the passengers and their plans. Is your flight also getting cancelled?

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