Man Creates Floating Shop With Raft & Plastic Table Amid Heartbreaking Assam Floods

by Suchismita Pal
Man Creates Floating Shop With Raft & Plastic Table Amid Heartbreaking Assam Floods

Assam is witnessing one of the harrowing flood situations now and the natural calamity has thrown the lives of the locals out of gear. But amid the trying times, shopkeeper Dhaneshwar Das kept his hopes alive. As the city is sunk in the floodwaters, Dhaneshwar decided to sell his products on a floating raft. He built his raft with banana plant trunks. He tied a small plastic table to his raft. On top of the raft, he keeps products like water and matchsticks. He has also tied an umbrella to the raft and has hung a packet of plastic glasses on a rod.

Where This Is A Will, There Is A Way!

Indian Express Journalist Tora Agarwala had taken to Twitter to share the video of Dhaneshwar. Tora stated that the video has been captured in a deluged Guwahati locality. Replying to her post, a user wrote, “Another illustration of people living despite the state. thank you for this image.” Another stated,  “Necessity is the mother of invention. His customer will be very happy. Who provides door service during flood?!?”

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Pictures Of Devastating Floods From Assam’s Silchar Town Shared On Twitter

Tora has also shared pictures from Silchar in Assam and stated that water levels have increased in the town almost up to the first storeys of buildings. She has shared pictures of waterlogged roads in Silchar with cars and bikes underwater.

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We pray for the quick relief and recovery of Assam. The floods have already claimed more than 80 lives in the state. The five rivers Brahmaputra, Puthimari, Beki, Pagladiya and Kopili have overflown with the water levels rising above safety levels.