Man Finds Worms Inside Kellogg’s Chocos Packet; Asks, “Protein Ki Kami Puri Kar Rahi Hai Kya?”

Netizens felt disgusted after watching a viral Instagram reel of a man finding many worms inside Kellogg's Chocos.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Finds Worms Inside Kellogg’s Chocos Packet; Asks, “Protein Ki Kami Puri Kar Rahi Hai Kya?”

What is happening everywhere? It is just 3 PM and I have already seen a couple of videos of people finding unhygienic contents in their food. First, a man finds a screw in his sandwich and now a man sees worms in his food. Such horrifying incidents shake us to the core all the time. A video of a Netizen finding worms inside Kellogg’s chocos is going viral online. Do you love munching on these grain cereals? If yes, it’s better not to watch this video.

Man Found Many Worms Inside Kellogg’s Chocos

Taking to Instagram, CUMmentWala (@cummentwala_69) shared the video where the guy showed worms inside the packet.


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Many of us love to have a bowl of our favourite cereal and milk for breakfast. More than adults, it is a classic favourite of kids and most of us ate this iconic duo of cereal and milk before going to school as a kid. Well, this man was taken by shock after he saw not one or two but many warms trapped inside Kellogg’s Chocos.

In the reel making rounds on Instagram, we can clearly see so many warms attached badly to the cereal. He broke the chocos to show Netizens the worms inside the cereal. A part of the reel also showed some powdered chocos and worms on top of the plate. The video looks absolutely disgusting and chocos lovers might feel like vomiting as well.

While sharing the video, the man asked, “Protein ki kami puri kar rahi hai kya bhai?” (Brother, are you making up for the protein deficiency?). He also hilariously asked, “Yeh extra cream hai kya bhai, chocos bhai” (Is this extra cream, chocos brother). Interestingly, the packet has not crossed its expiry date yet as the clip showed the date of expiration as March 7, 2024.

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Here’s What Netizens Are Saying!

Worms Inside Kellogg's Chocos
Picture credit- Instagram/ CUMmentWala (@cummentwala_69)

The reel is going viral like crazy with Instagrammers commenting and sharing their opinions under it. From feeling disgusted to stating how companies use preservatives so that worms or any insect cannot infest processed food, they are sharing their opinions. “Seems they forgot to add more pesticides”, added an Instagrammer. Another comment read, “If we show this, companies add more preservatives to not repeat these things, better avoid processed food, any processed food is not good whether it is with a worm or without worms”.

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Have you ever faced a horrifying situation where you found such harmful contents in food?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ CUMmentWala (@cummentwala_69)

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