Manali To Mysuru, India’s Holiday Hotspots Hit By Massive Traffic Jams

Travellers face frustrating delays amid overcrowded roads, prompting concerns about the nation's tourism and infrastructure.

by Mallika Khurana
Manali To Mysuru, India’s Holiday Hotspots Hit By Massive Traffic Jams

As the festive cheer takes hold and the holiday season beckons, a surge of travellers hitting the roads to celebrate Christmas and New Year has resulted in major traffic chaos across numerous key tourist destinations in India. Social media is currently filled with the grievances of every traveller who chose to make this long weekend special by taking a road trip. 

Massive Jams Hit Indian Tourist Spots During Holiday Season

One particularly alarming case captured widespread attention as a video depicting an endless line of vehicles stretching from Manali to the Atal Tunnel circulated on social media. This viral footage was initially shared by Weatherman Shubham on X, formerly known as Twitter. The video vividly showcased the staggering congestion plaguing this popular route, signalling no immediate relief in sight for the stranded commuters.

Manali draws in crowds from all corners of the country, especially during the winter season. However, this annual influx invariably brings with it notorious traffic jams during the holiday season. It significantly inconveniences both tourists and locals navigating through the region.

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Festive Traffic Chokes Bengaluru Highway

Loveleen Arun expressed general frustration and brought attention to the problem of congested airports and congested roads on X. She expressed concern about the overall effect on India’s reputation as a travel destination. She pointed out that unless changes are made, the nation may lose its appeal to tourists—especially in light of the high rates that hotels are charging.

Multiple reports poured in from various sources, painting a dire picture of traffic congestion: Complaints flooded in from exasperated commuters like Yogeshh Sharma on X, citing specific recurring traffic snarls from Jaipur Tower to Motimahal. He blamed the mayhem on the actions of one particular club. Similar sentiments were expressed by Siddharth R. Mayur, who bemoaned the painful trip between Pune and Mumbai. It is normally only 160 km long but takes an agonising 4–5 hours because of frequent traffic jams.

Toll booths leading to Mysuru on the Bengaluru Highway also reportedly witnessed bumper-to-bumper traffic. Entry points to Kodagu faced jams stretching up to two kilometres.

The collective outcry serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for robust infrastructure and better traffic management to alleviate the annual holiday gridlock that plagues India’s beloved tourist destinations.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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