Manipur Village Builds Over 80 Bamboo Huts For Migrants Returning To The State

by Gizel Menezes
Manipur Village Builds Over 80 Bamboo Huts For Migrants Returning To The State

As news reports across the country show migrants being disowned and discriminated by families after walking thousands of kilometres to their homes, the stigma associated with the coronavirus seems to increase day by day.

However, this piece of news coming from the North-Eastern part of India will warm your heart. In a much-applauded community effort, a village in Manipur built over 80 bamboo huts to accommodate its migrants who are returning to the state from various parts of the country.

Manipur Village Builds 80 Bamboo Huts For Migrants Returning To The State

As thousands of stranded migrants across the country are returning back to their home state, villagers of the Tunjoy village in Senapati district of Manipur decided to welcome those returning to Manipur with open arms and even made arrangements for their stay. They set up over 80 huts for them, which will be used as quarantine centres.

Made by the Poumai tribe, the huts are spread over a vast area of a picturesque green landscape and are divided into green, orange, and red zones, where each zone is demarcated with plastic ropes. So people coming from the red zones areas of the country will stay in the red zone huts and so on.

Each of the huts is equipped with a bed, a gas table, electricity with a charging socket, and a separate toilet. Water supply has been made available at various locations and essential commodities have been stocked in nearby huts.

The village has also appointed volunteers, who will guard these migrants round the clock and ensure that social distancing norms are being followed. If after 14 days, the people staying in the huts are found healthy, they will be allowed to go home.

According to district authorities, the villagers managed to accomplish this feat without any financial aid from the government. How amazing is that!

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Other Manipuri Villages Are Also Doing Their Bit For Migrants

Well, the wonderful and considerate initiatives taken by the people of Manipur don’t stop here. Reportedly, villagers of Konsakhul village in Manipur collected thousands of vegetables from and around the village and gifted them to other villages in the vicinity, mostly those dominated by tribals, migrant workers and daily wage workers.

We hope that these humanitarian efforts taken by these lovely villagers will pay off in this long battle against the coronavirus!

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