This Maharashtra Village Named A Locality After Irrfan Khan As A Tribute

by Gizel Menezes
This Maharashtra Village Named A Locality After Irrfan Khan As A Tribute

The untimely death of Irrfan Khan hit most of us harder than we could imagine. Never before have we mourned for an actor so deeply, than we did for him. An artist like no other, blessed with an enigmatic personality and a stellar screen presence, he did so much with so little!

Such was his persona, that he left an impact on anyone he met. And in this case, an entire village.

Maharashtra Village Names Locality After Legendary Actor Irrfan Khan

A village in Maharashtra’s Igatpuri region was so impacted by the death of their favorite actor that they decided to rename a locality after him. But hold on, it was not just his acting skills that made him a favorite among the locals. Rather, it was his down-to-earth nature.

According to India Today, the actor first arrived in this particular village of Igatpuri a decade ago when he bought a plot of land in the village to build a farmhouse. It was then that he began interacting with the locals and soon realized the plight of the Adivasi hamlets a little away from his plot.

At first, Irrfan donated an ambulance to the village when one of the villagers requested him for one in case of emergencies. But within a few months, the actor started taking a keen interest in the development of the region.

Every year, without fail, Irrfan donated books, raincoats, sweaters and other essential items to more than 1000 students studying in the village schools. He even donated a dozen computers so that the children could update themselves with the digital world. And not just that, he would even celebrate festivals with the villagers and ensured that sweet boxes would reach their homes on various festivals. Such was his giving nature.

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News Of Irrfan’s Death Sent This Village Into Mourning

When the news of his death reached the villagers, they mourned like they lost their own. Therefore, as a fitting tribute to the man who helped uplift the lives of several families in the village, they decided to rename the locality where his farmhouse stands and call it ‘Hero-chi-Wadi’, which means hero’s neighborhood.

According to the villagers, he was no less than a guardian angel to many families in the village. And never said no to anyone who asked him for help. The renaming of the locality is their way to pay homage to the actor who left them with memories for life!

Isn’t this the most sweetest story ever! It just goes on the show the number of lives the actor touched in the 53 short years of his life!

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