March 2023: Saudi Nationals & Residents Can Now Apply For Japan’s e-Visa

by Deeplata Garde
March 2023: Saudi Nationals & Residents Can Now Apply For Japan’s e-Visa

Saudi Arabia has been undergoing revolutionary changes. We have been witnessing certain major and significant cultural shifts in the kingdom. As they have been accepting the West, so are many foreign nations welcoming them to their borders. Recently Japan announced e-Visa provisions for Saudi residents and citizens. Let’s check out the deets!

Saudi Nationals And Residents Can Apply For Japan e-Visa

The application process commenced on March 27th 2023. The socio-economic ties have led to the initiation of this provision by the foreign nation. Both countries are crucial to the other’s political and economic development.

Earlier the provision of applying for a Japanese visa was limited to physical applications at the designated embassy or consulate.

The announcement aims to accelerate and simplify the application process and facilitate entrance and exit for all purposes. The decision will in turn strengthen bilateral ties between the two nations.

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The Validity And Application Process

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The validity of this visa for Saudi-ites is 3 months which is set according to the date of issuance. Similar to the offline application, the online site presents you with a form. One has to fill the form with personal details like name, contact information, passport information, and travel itinerary.

Post-filling the form application fee would be applied. But the applicant has to submit the fees at the embassy or consulate post submitting the online form. Also, make a note that only cash would be accepted at the Japanese embassy for the payment of the application fee. As of 2016, the fees applied are SR95 for Single Visa & SR190 for Double-entry & Multiple Visas. These amounts are mentioned in the Embassy of Japan in Saudi Arabia.

Also according to the website, there are two types of visa namely single-entry and multiple-entry. A single-entry visa allows a validity of 3 months whereas a Multiple-entry visa has a validity of 12 months or 3 years. All the validity periods are subject to the date of issuance. There’s also a double-entry visa that allows 6 months of validity.

So if you reside or are a citizen of Saudi Arabia planning a Japan visit, we have mentioned ample visa provisions.

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