Good News! Saudis Are Eligible For Visa On Arrival In Bangladesh

by Deeplata Garde
Good News! Saudis Are Eligible For Visa On Arrival In Bangladesh

Planning your trip to Bangladesh for the holiday season? We have some good news for you. If you are a Saudi citizen, then you can obtain a visa on arrival in Bangladesh. The Saudi Embassy announced this official statement on its Twitter account. Let’s understand the details of this statement.

Saudi’s Eligible For Visa On Arrival In Bangladesh

Unlike the visa process that usually took a few weeks to process, now Saudis can sail smoothly through the airport without any worry. The news came on Monday when Saudi Embassy announced the visa upon arrival in Bangladesh for Saudi Nationals.

Previously this month, Saudi Embassy officials made statements about obtaining a visa from either embassy or consulate of Riyadh or Jeddah to enter Bangladesh. There was a fear of being sent across the border back to where they came from in absence of a legal visa.

Now this fear has been cancelled out due to the recent development.

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Saudi E-Visa For Tourists Wishing To Visit The Country For Holidays

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Saudi Arabia’s tourism ministry is highly rigorous. Let’s start with the initial things you need to be aware of. Firstly, this nation only issues visas for stays of two weeks or longer.

Travellers who desire to enter Saudi Arabia occasionally need to get in touch with the embassy that is nearest to complete the necessary visa paperwork. E-Visa doesn’t require that, though. Just open the official portal upload the asked documents, pay the fees and everything is done in a few clicks.

So if you are visiting Saudi this season, check out the visa regulations before you book your flight.

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