MasterChef Buddies Nayanjyoti & Sachin Khatwani Go Food Hopping In Lucknow; Here’s What They Ate

Nayanjyoti Saikia and Sachin Khatwani of MasterChef India S7 fame went street food hopping in Lucknow.

by Sanjana Shenoy
MasterChef Buddies Nayanjyoti & Sachin Khatwani Go Food Hopping In Lucknow; Here’s What They Ate

MasterChef India Season 7 winner Nayanjyoti Saikiaheaded to Lucknow to explore the street food trails of this culinary-rich destination. Giving him company was his MasterChef buddy, Sachin Khatwani went street food hopping with him. During his 3-hour food hopping experience, the Chef tasted a variety of Lucknowi street food delights which we’ve taken note of. It’s time for you too, so read on!

From Akhrot Halwa To Imarti Rabdis, Nayanjyoti Relishes Lucknowi Delicacies

Taking to his Instagram handle, MasterChef Nayanjyoti shared a delicious reel of himself exploring Lucknow’s street food trails with his buddy, Sachin Khatwani. Captioned “What I Ate In 3 Hours”, this reel takes you through a plethora of rich sweets, Lucknowi meaty delicacies and chaats from the ‘City Of Nawabs’ that Nayanjyoti gorged on during his 3-hour food hopping experience.

First, he tried Imartis, a deep-fried flower-shaped sweet made out of ground Urad Dal and later soaked in sugar syrup. He also tried Imarti Rabdis. Next on the menu was Shami Kabab, a sauteed meat dish of whole spices and chickpeas. It’s tender and melts in your mouth. In the reel, the Chef also tried Lucknow’s special Akhrot Halwa or Walnut Halwa and Malai Gilori, where desi cream is stuffed with dry fruits and folded just like paan ( betel leaf).

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His MasterChef Buddy Sachin Khatwani Took Him Street Food Hopping

Picture Credits: Canva

While food hopping, he couldn’t resist the succulent, juicy and melt-in-the-mouth Lucknowi meaty affairs like Kakori Kebab and Galouti Kebab, which he paired with Thums Up. Nayanjyoti also dug into Ulte Tawa Ka Paratha and Boti Kabab Roll. And of course, he couldn’t end his complete Lucknowi street food experience without Pani Ke Batashe (Pani Puri) and Mattar Tikki Chaat. Also, on the menu were street-style Nankhatai and a slice of fruit cake.

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To warm himself amid the chilly winter in Lucknow, he sipped Kadha Dhoodh and then cooled himself down with Kesar Pista Kulfi. The MasterChef buddies had a great time as Sachin and Nayanjyoti dug into their chaats by the roadside. In fact, Sachin Khatwani even told him to come back soon to Lucknow.

Meanwhile, Nayanjyoti took to the comments section to ask his followers what they’d recommend he try next in Lucknow.

Cover Image Courtesy: @the_travellercook/ Instagram

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