Here’s All You Need To Know About Mauritius #InAMinute

by Kamiya Jani
Here’s All You Need To Know About Mauritius #InAMinute

Abandoned by the Dutch, Mauritius became a French colony in the 18th century. And they thought who better than Indians to help them monetise the resources this Island has to offer. So, our Indian ancestors were taken to this tropical island as labourers to work in sugarcane mills. None of them ever returned and why would they?

All this beautiful tropical island has to offer is blue beaches, white sand, green plants and brown Indians speaking French. Yes, seriously. Its almost like they would break into their South Indian or Bihari language anytime. But nope, the ruler’s influence on them has been stronger than that of their ancestors.

With a population of about 14 lakhs, Hinduism is followed by more than 50% of the population in Mauritius. This island has the highest percentage of Hindus in Africa and third highest percentage of Hindus in the world after Nepal and India.

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What I love?

The fact that you’re not stuck within the boundaries of your five star plush hotel. You can actually hire a cab or a car for yourself, drive around and explore the entire island.

Driving around in Mauritius
Driving around in Mauritius

Swaying palm trees and sugarcane fields will give you company as you pass by the coastal routes hopping on from one beach to another. Something that you can NEVER do in Maldives.

You have so many activities to indulge in and places to visit in the day but as the sun sets, the nightlife here SUCKS!

Here’s Why You Must Fly To Mauritius To See The Seven Coloured Earth

Especially for us Asians, who are so used to a Thailand/Goa kind of party scene. I stayed at the Le Meridien Ile Maurice. The rooms here are big and have an ocean view though the interiors of the hotel are quite rundown. I highly recommend you staying at the Oberoi Mauritius. It has been amongst the top 10 hotels of Mauritius.

Day life in Mauritius
At Flic-En-Flac, Mauritius

Fun Facts:

Mumbai to Mauritius: 6 hours Nonstop

Airlines: Air India, Air Mauritius

Approximate Airfare: 40,000 INR (approximately)

Climate: Tropical 

Currency: Mauritian Rupees

Conversion: 1 MUR = 2 INR

Price of a water bottle: 30 MUR

Price of an Ice cream: 30 MUR

Known For: Natural Beauty & Watersports

Languages Spoken: English, French, Creole & Hindi

Best Way to Get Around: Taxis or Hire a car!

Famous Quote:

You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius – Mark Twain, Author

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