Meet Kamoliddin, An 11-Year-Old Culinary Sensation Creating Buzzworthy Recipes To Try!

by Deeplata Garde
Meet Kamoliddin, An 11-Year-Old Culinary Sensation Creating Buzzworthy Recipes To Try!

Meet Kamoliddin, the 11-year-old culinary sensation from Uzbekistan, currently residing in London with his family. His heartwarming journey into the world of cooking began at the tender age of . His journey was fuelled by the inspiration drawn from his mother and grandmother. According to the best chef, they were his role models who imparted the foundational elements of Uzbek cuisine. Kamoliddin’s culinary exploration extends beyond traditional teachings; he avidly absorbs knowledge from cooking shows, online videos, and the thrill of experimenting with diverse ingredients.

Discovering the Joy of Cooking With An 11-Year Old Chef

Kamoliddin’s cooking philosophy revolves around love, joy, and a vibrant palette. Enthusiastically using multiple ingredients, Kamoliddin creates dishes inspired by multiple cuisines. His passion radiates through every creation, transforming the kitchen into a realm of culinary delight.

A Dynamic Duo In the Kitchen

At the heart of Kamoliddin’s culinary adventures is his 4-year-old brother, serving as the sous chef extraordinaire. Together, they form an unbeatable team, infusing their cooking sessions with laughter, fun, and an undeniable cuteness factor. From chopping to mixing and tasting, the duo navigates the kitchen with remarkable teamwork, creating a delightful atmosphere that transcends the screen.

Culinary Diversity on Display

Kamoliddin’s repertoire spans a wide spectrum of cuisines. From traditional Uzbek delicacies like plov, Samsa, and manti to international favourites such as sandwiches, one-pot meals and more, he leaves no culinary stone unturned. Their culinary adventures extend to crafting delectable desserts, snacks, and refreshing drinks. He mostly focuses on making dishes in less time and recipes that take very limited time and ingredients. You should also take a look at his pumpkin brownie video on Instagram. He recently added a video of a Middle Eastern dish called Musakhan. His recipes are a blend of inspiration from different cultures. He loves cooking after-school snacks, breakfast recipes and soups as well.

Social Media Stardom

Kamoliddin’s culinary prowess has not gone unnoticed, with his Instagram account, @best.chefme, boasting a staggering 1.1 million followers. His short, engaging cooking videos have become a source of joy for viewers worldwide, eliciting positive comments and a shared appreciation for his culinary creativity. Complementing his Instagram success, Kamoliddin also maintains a YouTube channel, where he shares longer videos and detailed tutorials for those eager to replicate his culinary magic.

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Join Kamoliddin’s Culinary Journey

For those inspired by Kamoliddin’s culinary charm and eager to embark on their own cooking adventures, he provides multiple channels for connection. Kamoliddin invites aspiring chefs to join his community.


Kamoliddin, the little chef with an immense heart, has carved a niche for himself in the culinary world. Beyond his age, he stands as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing that cooking is not just a skill but a source of love, joy, and creativity. As he continues to share his delightful creations with the world, Kamoliddin invites everyone to join him in the kitchen, where the magic of cooking becomes a shared experience filled with warmth and deliciousness.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Best.Chefme

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