Meghalaya Is Set To Host The 6th Edition Of Kayaking Competition. Know All About It

by Shreya Ghosh
Meghalaya Is Set To Host The 6th Edition Of Kayaking Competition. Know All About It

Kayaking in one of the most thrilling adventurous sports to experience and indulging in some venturesome activities is on the bucket list of many adventure enthusiasts. Do you know what makes the experience even more exciting and daring? The answer to this is kayaking in the gushing water bodies and some of the famous venues in Meghalaya are hosting the much-awaited Megha Kayak Festival soon. Read on to know all the details about this event taking participants in the raging rivers of this Northeast Indian state.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Megha Kayak Festival Taking Place In October:

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2023 is going to mark the 6th year of this grand event in Meghalaya. With every passing year, the festival is also evolving with loads to explore and experience. Kayakers from India and abroad come together at the venues every year to participate and feel the thrill of kayaking in gushing white rivers here.

  • Megha Kayak Festival is starting from 12 October to 14 October 2023.
  • This 3-day event in Meghalaya gives chances to participants of different categories.
  • For the supremely skilled adventurous participants, the categories are Extreme Boater-cross, The Giant Slalom, and Time-Trial Races., according to a report by the Times of India- IndiaTimes.
  • No matter if you have intermediate experience, there are different participation categories. Participants should be familiar with at least class 2 and 3 rapids.
  • Both male and female kayakers participate in this festival.
  • The venue of this whitewater competition is Umtham Village.
  • The events in Megha Kayak Festival are Down River Sprint and Kayak Cross, according to the official website.

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Details About The Kayaking Event’s Registration:

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  • Start registering to mark your spots at the Megha Kayak Festival.
  • There are two registration categories for the event.
  • Register by paying ₹5000 to avail of packages including camping in tents at Whitewater Village. Also, meals for these 3 days will be added as well.
  • By paying ₹3000, participants can only get lunch at Whitewater Village on these three days.

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Are you interested to participate in the much-anticipated Megha Kayak Festival happening in October? To know more details about this event, read here.

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