MENA’s Largest Indoor Snow Park Debuts In Oman’s Largest Mall

Snow Oman
by Deeplata Garde

The Big Boss of Investments, Majid Al Futtaim is back with another entertainment infrastructure in the Middle East. And it’s none other than the most anticipated indoor snow park. Snow Oman is MENA’s Largest Indoor Snow Park. And it’s opening in Oman’s largest mall. Let’s check out the deets.

Snow Oman To Debut In Mall Of Oman

Majid Al Futtaim Entertainment’s announcement of the formal launch of Snow Oman, its third indoor snow park in the area. Snow Oman is the sole indoor snow attraction in the sultanate and the biggest indoor snow park in the MENA region. It is ideally placed in the Mall of Oman and spans a vast 14,830m2 space.

A 430-meter ice rink and a penguinarium, which is host to a community of king and gentoo penguins, are among the must-see attraction’s more than 20 family-friendly rides and activities. Storytelling is incorporated into the activity, which has a “Desert Blizzard” theme and mimics a fictitious universe in which Oman’s urban landscapes and dunes are coated in genuine snow while yet representing the local way of life.

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Snow In the Desert Region

By bringing actual snow to the desert and opening the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, Ski Dubai, Majid Al Futtaim made the seemingly impossible, feasible. A little more than ten years later, Ski Egypt—a unique destination on the African continent—opened, increasing its geographic reach. Ski Dubai and Ski Egypt finished first and third, respectively, in the renowned World Ski Awards competition for the “World’s Best Indoor Ski Resort” at the conclusion of the previous year.

With the launch of this new entertainment destination, the company has reached another significant milestone in its investment portfolio in the Sultanate and demonstrated its dedication to providing cutting-edge experiences for families throughout the area.

Are you coming to build a snowman in Oman?

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/Snow Oman