Messi V/S Ronaldo, Whom Does Sunil Chhetri Choose?

We know the answer, do you?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Messi V/S Ronaldo, Whom Does Sunil Chhetri Choose?

Messi or Ronaldo, who is your favourite footballer? Well, ours is the captain of the Indian Football team, Sunil Chhetri! He was interviewed by our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for this Sunday Brunch. We had a blast talking about anything and everything, starting from his mischievous childhood stories and his cute love story to football. We also asked the much-awaited question of who he would choose between Messi and Ronaldo. We were not surprised by his answer! What do you think was the answer? Scroll further to know it.

We Asked Sunil Chhetri To Choose Between Messi And Ronaldo. His Answer Was…

We played a fun game with Sunil where he had to choose one option out of the two provided choices. A couple of them were basic ones as we were laying out our ultimate option and the most common question asked to every footballer ever. Kamiya gave him the choice between Messi and Ronaldo. 

As soon as she said it, Sunil let out a sigh, hung his head low and said, “Oh my!” She made sure that he didn’t have to be diplomatic and he answered, “Messi!” Then he looked straight into the camera and said, “I am not allowed to explain why and what.” He also added that he was a massive fan of Ronaldo.

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Why Did He Choose Messi?

Sunil Chhetri
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Curly Tales is always full of curiosity and never lets any chance slip by. So it was only correct that we asked Sunil why he chose Messi, even after declaring his love for Ronaldo. He said to us that the question was about who you like more and his answer was appropriate. But he told us that he follows Ronaldo a lot more.

“He gives me a blueprint as to what all you can achieve doing the hard work,” he said. Sunil wants to put in the same kind of hard work for his game as well. He also mentioned that when he looks at Messi on the playground, he thinks that he is an absolute natural at football. Sunil spoke his mind that Messi is gifted when it comes to football and it is enjoyable when you watch him play.

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We would love to know who is your favourite football player of all time, let us know in the comments.

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