These Are Sunil Chhetri’s Favourite Dishes

Sunil Chhetri loves to eat a healthy balanced diet meal regularly.

by Ankita Mazumdar
These Are Sunil Chhetri’s Favourite Dishes

For this episode of Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, met with the fantastic Indian footballer, Sunil Chhetri in Bangalore. The conversation started with his childhood home, dietary plans, his friendship with Virat Kohli, his game and more. While in conversation with Curly Tales, the topic of food is bound to come up. We learned all about his favourite dishes and they are as simple as he is. Scroll on to know all about them

Sunil Chhetri’s Favourite Dishes Were Gorged At This Sunday Brunch Episode

We were aware that the captain of the Indian football team is very strict with his diet and we didn’t want to hamper it. At the same time, we had to make sure this Sunday Brunch was absolutely delicious. So we picked up a restaurant that Sunil Chhetri is fond of and it was IZU at the Ritz-Carlton. It is known for its delectable Japanese cuisine. Since Sunil is a regular at IZU, the chef was aware of his favourite dishes.

Soon, they had a delish spread in front of them, filled with his favourite dishes and Kamiya was excited to try them all. However, Sunil was slightly nervous and said to Kamiya, “I hope you like it, man.” Some of the yummy-looking dishes were ragi idli with several chutneys, boiled beetroot, tofu with asparagus and broccoli, and sushi. The food spread also had stir-fried veggies and a variety of dim sums. Everything on the table looked incredibly enticing and they couldn’t wait to enjoy every bite.

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He Gave Us Restaurant Recommendations In Bangalore

Sunil Chhetri
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Next, Kamiya asked Sunil Chhetri for some food recommendations in Bengaluru for someone who just had a day in the city. He was a bit surprised by the question and said, “Galat insaan se puch rahe hai aap.” Finally, he gave us the best three restaurant suggestions and mentioned that they were only for foodies.

He suggested Airlines, a great spot for South Indian cuisine where you should indulge in Dosa, Idli and Filter Coffee. Next was Shiro, a pan-Asian restaurant famous for its sushi and his personal favourite, Hibachi Rice. Lastly, he recommended ITC’s The Royal Afghan for some “lazeez khana” with massive portion sizes!

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Who doesn’t love a restaurant that is good with portion sizes? Watching Sunil talk about these restaurants with so much love and appreciation made us quickly jot them down. You must also relish some amazing food at these lovely restaurants.

Did you know he used to be a non-vegetarian? Watch the entire video to learn all about it.

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