Sunil Chhetri’s Victory Meal Consists Of Samosas, Pizza, Pulao & More

Sunil Chhetri’s Sunday meals are victory meals.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sunil Chhetri’s Victory Meal Consists Of Samosas, Pizza, Pulao & More

The great Sunil Chhetri met up with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani in the city he now calls his home, Bangalore. This Sunday Brunch video was wholesome to shoot because we got to know a lot more about this football legend, his strict lifestyle, his career and more. He told us that his cheat meals are pre-planned just as his victory meals. We wanted to know what exactly his typical victory meal looks like and you would not be disappointed by it. Watch the video linked below to learn more about him.

Sunil Chhetri Shared His Typical Victory Meal

Kamiya Jani said, “Our show’s name is Sunday Brunch! Now we are very curious to know, aapke Sunday brunch ke menu mein kya hota hai,” to Sunil Chhetri. He replied, “Main issi sawal se bahut dara hua tha!” and just laughed. (I am terrified of this question!) Then he was asked about his victory meals. He went on to answer in detail, “A big portion of white rice pulao or white rice biryani with a lot of soybeans lot of vegetables.”

This sounded very much like a normal meal for an athlete, as it is filled with healthy vegetables and lots of protein. It was what came after this that made it seem like a victory meal. Sunil Chhetri added, “Paranthe…samosas, pizza sometimes.” He also shared that samosas and pizzas are only included when they have played a really good game. So they celebrate it by eating their favourite foods. We are pretty sure, they utter these popular meme words, “It’s like a reward!”

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Why Is It Limited To Just Sundays?

Sunil Chhetri
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Sunil Chhetri told us that most of the Sundays are post-match days for them. So he said, “Generally a lot of us players, we take our liberties in that meal.” Hence most of the sunday meals are victory meals which can also be counted as cheat meals but they truly deserve to devour such delectable dishes. Sunil Chhetri is the third-highest goal scorer in the entire world currently and he and his team rightly deserve it.

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We would love to know about your victory meal, let us know in the comments.

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