Sunil Chhetri Explains The Importance Of Healthy Food, Yoga & Meditation

Sunil Chhetri wakes up at 5:30 AM regularly and has a strict lifestyle.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sunil Chhetri Explains The Importance Of Healthy Food, Yoga & Meditation

For this exclusive Sunday Brunch episode, the immensely talented and everyone’s favourite footballer, Sunil Chhetri graced us with his presence with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. While we indulge in delish food dishes like sushi, dumplings and more, we couldn’t help but ask him about his lifestyle choices. He has an extremely strict diet and regulations which helps him be the third-highest goal scorer in the world. Wanna know his secrets? Then tag along.

Sunil Chhetri Informed Us About Benefits Of Yoga & Meditation In His Life

Sunil Chhetri shared with us that he performs yoga and meditation in the morning. His yoga is more of an “improvised-modern stretching yoga” along with techniques he has acquired from traditional yoga. This culmination helps him but he mentioned, “Those 10-15 minutes of meditation, I do some breathing sessions. I talk to myself which really helps me.” You are your biggest critic and supporter and having a talking session with yourself is a good thing; try it out sometime if you haven’t already.

Sunil Chhetri also mentioned that he finds living a rigid lifestyle beneficial since it has helped him develop the habit of rising early. He usually wakes up at 5:30 AM, “I have added that one hour with Dhruv (his newborn son). I play with him, I talk to him, he doesn’t reply,” he added with a cheeky smile.

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It doesn’t stop there, he told us that he starts stretching at around 6:30 AM, reads for a while, then takes a rather cold shower to get ready for his vigorous football training. Therefore, he assured us that this way his training and hard work is fulfilled.

He Focused On The Importance Of Healthy Food

Sunil Chhetri
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Sunil Chhetri gave us an example to illustrate the differences in performances between a player who follows a strict diet and the one who doesn’t. He said that if one eats an unhealthy diet at 11 PM the night before a football match for an entire year while he eats a healthy diet at the proper time, then the performance difference on the ground will be as vivid as that between heaven and earth. “This is not arbitrary, this is fact,” he said. It is crucial to follow a good lifestyle and Sunil Chhetri is that example.

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