Sunil Chhetri Chose Chole Bhature Over Idli And Had The Most Relatable Reason Behind It

Sunil Chhetri polished off two plates of chole bhature at a 5-star hotel.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sunil Chhetri Chose Chole Bhature Over Idli And Had The Most Relatable Reason Behind It

Sunil Chhetri shared with us that he will pick chole bhature over idli! Despite being a resident of Bangalore for the past couple of years, he loves to relish chole bhature. While idli is on the healthier side and is incorporated in his diet, chole bhature isn’t. Sunil shared that it is his cheat meal on this exciting Sunday Brunch episode with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Read on to learn more about his cheat meals.

This Is Why Sunil Chhetri Chose Chole Bhature Over Idli And Delhiites Rejoiced!

We played a fun game with Sunil Chhetri, where he was given two options and he had to choose one, kind of like ‘This or That’. Kamiya gave him a simple one: Bangalore or Delhi. If you have watched the video, you will know the answer to this and if not then click on the linked video above. What was interesting was the question that followed after this.

Kamiya gave Sunil Chhetri the choice between Chole Bhature and Idli. The quick change in his expression indicated the fact that it was a tough choice but he powered through it. He answered chole bhature and then wanted to explain this. He shared that he eats idli daily while chole bhature is not that common in his dietary plans. When it is chole bhature day, he said that he plans in advance when and where he will eat.

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He Doesn’t Like To Eat This From 5-Star Hotels But…

Sunil Chhetri
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Continuing the same conversation about chole bhature, Kamiya asked him where he typically eats this meal. He shared an incident from his trip to Goa with his wife, Sonam Bhattacharya. They were residing at a 5-star hotel. He said, “I am a little bit orthodox and I don’t like to eat chole bhature from a 5-star cause I judge them.” We agree with him!

He continued that he had just finished playing a season and it was his cheat meal diet days. Sonam Bhattacharya encouraged him to eat chole bhature and he did. To his surprise, he found it “amazing” and polished off the plate. Sunil Chhetri added, “I took two plates and I completely smashed it and it was amazing!” Kamiya giggled a little as she also enjoys to indulge in this meal.

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Comment below if you love to eat chole bhature and can smash two plates of it, just like Sunil Chhetri did.

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